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How do you replace the wiper blades on a 2005 Jaguar S-type?


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May 13, 2012 5:26PM

"Unfortunately, these are dealer-only wiper blades so you should consult your dealer."

This is NOT true. You can replace these wiper blades on your own. I happen to have a 2005 Jaguar S Type and I will tell you how it is done.

First, you will notice that there are tubes running up the arm of the blade that connect to a plastic clip on the side of the blade. That is the line from the wiper blade fluid tank to the wiper. That is responsible for spraying fluid on your windshield when you go to clean it.

Pull off the tubing. As you can see, it easily slides off and on.

Now you have to remove the wipers. How do you remove the wipers? Well you have to press a small lever that is on the underside of the plastic clip that had the tube running into it. If you reach under it, you will see what I mean. You have to press that clip while you are sliding the wiper down. This will help release it from the hook it is on. So press that button and slide the wiper down.

Once it releases from that hook, you are going to have to turn the wiper to get the rest of it off, but once you get it off the hook, it should be clear how to do it.

NOW, you have to take that little plastic piece that the tube ran into off of the old blade so you can put it on the new blade. It pops off. It doesn't look like it does, but if you gently force it, it will pop off. You can then attach it to the new blade.

After you have attached that clip to the new blade, you have to slide the blade back to get that hook on it. That is it.

It SOUNDS complex, but it isn't. You can get the blades and the clip from Trico for about $9.99 for the passenger side (19 inch) and $13 for the driver's side (24 inch). In fact, you can likely get the blades cheaper than that from eBay if you can wait for them. If you can't get the item off the hook, just go to ANY auto parts store and they can do it for you.