How do you replace the yellow and red side marker bulbs of a 2002 Vow Pas sat 18T?

Hello ! Though this task seemed to me difficult, it has proven to be very simple indeed. Short guide: 1. push front (less curved) part of the light into bumper, and move it , pressing with your fingers into hollow space in bumper, in order to free two little noses on the opposite part of the light that are holding light in the bumper 2. now, when curved part of the light is freed and attachment noses are visible, hold on them and pull whole light out of the bumper. You can now easily change the bulb 3. re-installing side marking light is somewhat little complicated - you need VERY thin steel wire, 0,2mm ,I used one my wife uses in garden for tying roses. Make loop on front, less curved part of the light, DON`T tie it or make knot, you need this wire to help you to pull light into it`s position 4.with your fingers insert lamp into void and push mounting noses on curved part of lamp into their mounting holes 5. now with wire pull out front part of lamp into it`s normal position 6.pull out wire that you got loose, and there you have it !