How do you reset a theft-deterrent system?

Ok, I have an active dealer code figured out. You're going to need to take a pen and paper with you out to the car.

1) Go out to your car, and put the key to the 'on' position (not run). When the radio turns on, press and hold #2 and #3. After about ten seconds, three numbers will appear on the screen. Take your time and write these down.

2) After you have the first three numbers, press and release the AM/FM button. Three more numbers will appear on the screen. Write these down.

3) With your new-found 6-digit code, go inside and call 1-800-537-5140. It's just an electronic answering machine. Once the guy finishes talking, press 202108, followed by the *Asterisk* button (not pound).

4) He'll then tell you to enter in your 4- or 6-digit code, followed by the star/asterisk again. So, type in the numbers you got out of your radio, and hit star/asterisk.

5) He'll then tell you your 4-digit unlock code. Write it down.