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Unfortunately without a radio code you will have to pull the stereo out and read the serial number off the back and then call your Honda dealer so they can look up the code. you may need to actually go in and prove ownership of the vehicle first. Good luck, Before pulling the stereo- just take a close look in the owners manual ( if you have it) sometimes you get lucky and the previous owner will have written it down somewhere for you.


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To reset the clock on a 2003 Honda Accord the battery can be disconnected. Another way requires removing the radio fuse located inside the cabin fuse box.

Factory reset for a radio in a 1999 Honda Accord can be done by a dealership. The requirements from the dealership to have this done is proof of vehicle ownership.

how do you reset the clock on a 2005 Honda accord how do you reset the clock on a 2005 Honda accord

The radio fuse is used for the CD player on a 2003 Honda Accord. To reset the radio pulled the specified fuse out of the fuse box.

Pull the radio out of the dash and get the serial number and take it in to a Honda dealer and they can help you

Power the radio, and then enter the anti-theft code using the preset numbers at the bottom of the radio. If the anti-theft code is unknown, contact Honda with the 17-digit vehicle identification number.

You have to go to a Honda dealer and they will give you the code.

There is nothing to reset except the radio. Insert the 5 digit radio code to reset the radio and then reset the clock and presets for stations.

The CD player will not function until the radio is reset.

Leave the radio on for 1 hour and it will reset and then accept the 5 digit security code.

Disconnect the battery negative cable for 15 minutes.

To obtain the code to reset the radio, I contacted my dealer and gave them the VIN number for the car. They gave me the code.

By using the radio preset buttons to insert the 5 digit code. If you do not have the code click the link, sign up at the Honda Owner's Link, and then click get radio code.

Is there a fuel pump reset for a 1995 Honda Accord

Reset the battery by removing the cables and reattaching to the terminals - simple

Unhook battery cables to reset and then when you turn radio on again just type the code using the numbers 1-6

I think you just have to disconnect the battery for 5 minutes or so.

You cannot reset the radio without the code. But it is very easy to get the code. Go to the Honda owners website and register your Honda. After you register it click the link on the left Retrieve Radio/Navi Code. Click the link below.

Insert the 5 digit code in the radio with the radio presets. If you do not have the code then go to honda owners link and register your Honda. There you can get the code for free. Click the link to sign up.

pull the radio out and it has a white sticker with numbers on it, take those numbers to Honda dealership and they will give you the reset code.

Open the trunk and check to see if the code is on the underside of the trunk lid. (That is where I find the code to my Honda Accord) If you do not have the code click the link, sign up at the Honda Owner's Link, and then click get radio code.

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