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Here is how you should reset/recalibrate the A/C in a Dodge caravan. Mine is a '97.



Set Blower motor ON HIGH

Set Mode position to Panel

Open all A/C outlets

Set Temperature to Cold (Both slide pots if equipped)

Depress WASH and A/C simultaneously for 5 Seconds

NOTE: Prior to start of test, If the evaporator is already cold, the system will fail test. To correct, operate system with A/C OFF and the blower motor ON high for three minutes prior to starting test.


All LED's will turn on for 5 Seconds

Cooldown Test is running when A/C and RECIRC. are alternately flashing. If A/C and RECIRC. are flashing simultaneously, Cooldown has failed.

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Q: How do you reset the air conditioner in the van?
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