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You have to take it into a dealer so that they can run a diagnostic on it and pull the security code. They will charge you up to $100 just to do it. I went to 2 different dealerships and both quoted me $105 just to reset the code on my own stereo. My car battery died on me and as part of GMs anti theft system you can only get your stereo working again by plugging in a code. I think it is ridiculous that I was never provided with the security code to my own car stereo just in case I ever had to reset it. Instead I now have to pay $105 dollars just to reset my own car stereo that I am not trying to steal!!! I called Chevy and they told me this was the only way I could resolve the problem. You should just be able to take it to a dealership and they should reset it for you as a courtesy service instead of charging their own customers $105. This is only part of the reason while I will never buy GM again. This is the second peice of crap GM vehicle I've owned and they both sucked. Poor customer service, cheap, poorly put together cars. It's no wonder why the Big 3 are going under. I hope the government doesn't bail them out. They need to fix their own problems first before they are given money. BUY JAPANESE!!!!

the code is different for every vehicle, the garage that sold the car from new will have it, or you can get it recoded thruogh a dealer

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Q: How do you reset the anti-theft radio system in a 1999 Chevy Cavalier after you changed the battery?
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How do you deactivate the factory anti-theft system on a 1999 cavalier?

The easiest way to deactivate the 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier antitheft system is to remove the fuse. The location of the antitheft system fuse will be listed on the inside cover of the fuse box.

1998 Chevy Cavalier?

how do reset a 1998 chevey cavalier antitheft system if it want start and the anti theft light is on

How to reset anti theft system in a 2003 cavalier?

.You can reset the antitheft system, on your 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier, by removing the fuse. Keep the fuse out for 10 seconds. Replace the fuse to its original slot

How do you reset antitheft system on 1995 Lincoln town car?

disactivate the antitheft

What do you do if your 2005 Camry will not start after replacing the battery?

Check the new battery, check connection cables (the most possible reason but not necessary), check your antitheft system, some of them will not allow start after the battery power outgage.

What is cost to repair password on antitheft system in Chevy Malibu?

what is the cost to repair password for antitheft system chevy malibu 2001?

How do you disarm the antitheft on a 1988 Nissan Maxima?

The easiest way to disarm your antitheft system on your 1988 Nissan Maxima is to remove the fuse. The antitheft system fuse location can be found on the inside cover of the fuse box.

How do you disarm an anti-theft system on a 1998 Ford Ranger?

You can disarm your 1998 Ford Ranger antitheft system by removing the antitheft system fuse. The fuse is located in the fuse box.

How do you rest the antitheft system on a 2001 Saturn sl1?

i have a 2001 Saturn sl1 and the anti theft system shut down the car. to reset the antitheft system try to start the car. leaving the key in the on possition disconnect the positive battery terminal (red terminal). wait for about ten minutes, with the key still in the on position this whole time, reconnect the terminal on the battery. then get in the car and turn the key to start. this fixed my problem and hopefully it will help you as well.

The battery light is on the cavalier?

The battery light can be on for several reasons. A bad alternator is the top cause in my experience. Have the charging system tested and see what is going on.

Deactivate Passive Anti-Theft System on Ford Focus?

You can deactivate the passive antitheft system on your Ford focus by removing the antitheft system fuse. The location of the fuse can be found on the inside cover of the fuse box.

How do you reset the anti theft system on a 2003 huyndai tiburon?

You can reset your antitheft system by removing the antitheft fuse. Keep the fuse out for 10 seconds. Replace the fuse to its original slot.

How do you reset the anti theft on a 98 Mercury Mountaineer?

The easiest way to reset the antitheft system in your 1998 Mercury is to remove the antitheft system fuse. Keep the fuse out for 10 seconds and then replace it to its original position.

How do you bypass anti theft system on 98 for mustang?

How do you bypass antitheft system on 98 ford mustang

How does putting in a new car battery affect a Viper alarm system?

well i have a viper 5000 and i changed the battery and nothing changed im not sure about other viper alarms though

How do you disconnect an antitheft system on a 95 Pontiac transam? this worked for me!!

1995 Lincoln Continental won't start after antitheft alarm sounded for no reason?

If you have a remote that locks & unlocks your antitheft system it could be as simple as resetting your remote, I had a similar experience.

Why would a 2000 Corvette not start after the battery is changed?

i had this problem with my 2004. It has to do with the antitheft system. that and shutting down when you hit 7 mph. I forgot what it said to do, but it had something to do with the key. Unfortunatly mine had half broke off in ignition and other i used to start. coulndt remove whole key, so i had to pay big buck for computer to be reset.

What does service immobilizer mean for a Chrysler Pacifica?

There is a failure in the chipped key antitheft system.

How often does the battery pack have to be changed in an FIOS system?

anywhere from 1-4 years if you are worried about the battery you can buy a spare at radio shack or walmart

How do you deactivate the anti theft system on a 1993 Mazda mx 6?

1) Just start your car with the coded key 2) Pull the battery cable but do not leave it off too long only a few short seconds. (if you leave it off too long the pcm will forget the saved key code then you will need your pcm flashed in order to work with your key again) 3)Bypass the antithief by removing the antitheft wirers. The antitheft system only cuts power to the starter. run your own wiring to the ignition switch to bypass the antitheft.

You changed motors in 2 cars from a 1997 cavalier to a1995 cavalier the theft system wont allow the car to start?

either change the computers to match engines that were switched or disconnect the theft system. you will probably need to take it to a good mechanic to have computer recalibrated on a machine

How do you bypass the antitheft system on an 1990 corvette?

just google gm vats bypass kit

Your 97 4runner has an antitheft system on it your battery lost connection and now it will not start?

the anti theft is most likely the culprit. you must reset the anti theft. usually with a reset button or by locking and unlocking the drivers door with the key.

Why does your 1998 Chevy Malibu anti theft system come on after you changed your battery?

allenglen r. cabornay