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How do you reset the oil sensor light on a Chevy Monte Carlo?

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2012-11-27 23:27:36

"I am assuming you mean the oil change light.

If so, turn the key to the on position, do not start the engine.

press the gas pedal three time all the way to the floor. the light

should start to blink. turn the key off and then start the car. the

light should blink a few more times and then stay off.

if this does not work then it is something with the radio that

needs to be done that i do not know how to do."

Here's the radio part...

Turn your radio off. Hold down the tuning button for about 10-15


You should see some options and a menu like look pop up on the


Using the seek button, scroll through until you see "Oil


Press the tuning button again, it should say "Reset."

Press the tuning button one more til, it will see "Done."

Turn your radio back on, and you're done.

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