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Try to disconnect the battery(take both pos/neg. cables off) for about 5mins. and reconnect it.

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Q: How do you reset the sensors on a 96 Pontiac Grandam GT?
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How many quarts of oil for 96 Pontiac grandam 2.4 liter engine twin cam?

5 quarts.

How do you reset 96 Pontiac grand am dash cluster?

To reset the dash cluster in a '96 Pontiac Grand Am remove both battery cables for 30 seconds. Wait for the theft lock icon to disappear then turn the car back on. The dash cluster should reset.

96 Pontiac Sunfire computer reset?

You have to unplug the ground from your battery for 1 or 2 minutes.

Where is a knock sensor located at on a 96 Pontiac Bonneville?

where is a knock sensor located on a 96 Pontiac Bonneville

How do you reset the Check Engine light on a 96 Pontiac Grand Am?

Disconnect and reconnect the ground cable from the battery or remove and replace the fuse that controls your computer.

Where do you add freon on a grandam 1996?

You add refrigerant through the low side port. There is a web site that will tell you were the port is located on a 96 grandam, along with much more helpfull information.

How many oxygen sensors does a 96 blazer have?


Where is the fuel pump reset switch on a 96 neon sohc?

The 96 Neon sohc does not have a pump reset switch. Some vehicles do have a reset switch for safety in an accident.

How do you reset theft system problem for 96 Cadillac Deville Concours?

how do i reset theft problem for 96 caddilac deville concours

How many oxygen sensors are on 96 Chrysler LHS?


How many oxygen sensors in a 96 Chevy Camaro?

It has 2 of them.

What are all the possible compatible engines that can be used to replace an engine from a 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier?

*96-98 Olds Achivea *96-01 Pontiac Grand Am *99-01 Olds Alero *96-01 Pontiac Sunfire *96-01 Chevy Malibu *96-? Buick Skylark *96-98 Olds Cutlass

Fuel filter location on 96 Pontiac grand am?

where is the fuel filter on 1996 Pontiac grand am and how to fix it.

1995 Pontiac Grand Prix fuel filter location?

Were is the fuel filter on a 96'pontiac grand am

Where is the fuel reset for 96 grand am se?

GM does not use inertia/reset switches.

Is there a master reset button on a 96 Chrysler cirrus?

No Chrysler does not use reset buttons.

Should there be a groove in the brake drum of 96 Pontiac sunfire?


Timing marks on a 96 Sun fire Pontiac?

Which motor?

Where is the fuel reset for 96 Grand Cherokee Laredo?

Jeep does not use inertia/reset switches.

Location of 02 sensors in 96 Pontiac firebird?

there are 2 o2 sensors they are both under the car on the passanger side. one is just in front of the cat towards the engine and the other is just behind the cat. easy to locate if you have access to a lift to get under the car. just follow the exhaust back to the engine and you can miss them..

Where is the fuel pump reset switch on 96 suburban?

Gm vehicles do not use ineria/reset switches.

How do you reset codes on a 96 cavalier?

disconnect the battery for a couple minutes or use a code reader to reset them.

How do you change a key ignition switch for a 96 Pontiac sunfire?

There is no Answer for this question.

Where is the antenna on a 96 Pontiac trans sport?

It's concealed in the roof

What does the light on my dashboard in my 96 Pontiac grand am mean?

what light, there are a lot of them.