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How do you reset your anti theft device on a 2004 Pontiac grand am?


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2008-10-27 22:52:06
2008-10-27 22:52:06

Security relearn procedure: 1)Attempt to start the car by turning the key to the Start/Run Position. 2) Observe that the vehicle fails to start and that the security light is illuminated. 3) Release key to the 'ON/Accessory' Position. (DO NOT turn key to the 'off' position.) 4) Allow the vehicle to sit with the key in the 'ON/Accessory' Position for no less than 11 minutes. 5) Turn key to off position and allow the vehicle to remain in the 'OFF' position for no less than 30 seconds. 6) Repeat #1 - #5 for 3 cycles. 7) On 4th attempt, car should start. NOTE: Since this is a fairly long procedure, I would limit all electrical sources, such as disconnecting headlights, to prevent discharge of battery. NOTE 2: It is SAFE to wait LONGER than the allotted time, but it is not safe to wait less time. I.e. 12 minutes instead of 11 minutes should be safe; however, waiting 10 minutes instead of 11 minutes is not safe. Properly executed, this procedure should take approximately 35 minutes to complete


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How to reset or turn off the VTD-Cranking signal on a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.4 Twin Cams

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Remove the fuse if the device is on a dedicated circuit. Otherwise, disconnect power to the device.

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To reset the dash cluster in a '96 Pontiac Grand Am remove both battery cables for 30 seconds. Wait for the theft lock icon to disappear then turn the car back on. The dash cluster should reset.

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You will need to take it to the dealer. They are the only way to reset the anti theft.

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You have to have the vin# from the car it came from and you have to take it to a Pontiac dealer to have it done

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