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is the safety ignition switch for lanyard attachment working with out the switch being pushed in there is no current to the starter i would also check the battery, batteries are notorious for only lasting one season

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โˆ™ 2007-02-26 13:42:43
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Q: How do you rewire a starting system on a 1993 sea doo sp jet ski and how does the system work it has a new solenoid and starter is good but it wont turn over?
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Is a starter solenoid part of the ignition system?

The starter solenoid, despite its name, is not part of a vehicle's ignition system. It is used to send electric current to the starter motor, engaging the engine.

Why does the car not turn over after starter solenoid is replaced?

If the car does not turn over after the solenoid is replaced, that means the problem was not the starter solenoid. The problems lays elsewhere in the electrical system.

How do you know if your solenoid or starter relay is bad on your 1995 Villager?

Take it to a mechanic to test the battery, charging system, and starting system (both the solenoid and starter if they are separate pieces). Or remove the starter and take it to a parts store to have it tested. If the battery is ok, the alternator/charger system is putting out power, and you think the starter or solenoid is still the cause, unhook the ground from the battery post after the car has been running but is turned off and leave it like that till the next time you turn on the car when you'll screw it back on. If it starts no problem then it's probable it's the starter or solenoid that was sucking the battery dry.

Why does your car not start but it has a full battery?

If the starter motor is not turning, it could be a dirty or poor battery terminal contact causing the problem. Also check the starter relay and solenoid and all connections to them. It could also be the starter motor itself. If the starter motor is turning, look at both the fuel system and the ignition system. A failure in either of them will result in the car not starting.

What is an solenoid?

he solenoid of an autmobile is associated with the starter system and transfers an electric current into the starter motor to set the engine into operation. When the ignition key is turned, current is released from the battery and travels along an insulated wire into the solenoid. The solenoid then releases a small plunger that creates a connection between two internal electrical posts, sends the current down another wire to the starter and forces the starter motor to spin.

Does the solenoid control the electrical system for the car?

No a solenoid switch (full name) does not control a cars electrical system. The solenoid is an electrically operated switch that sends power to the starter motor which in turn cranks the car's engine to start it. The reason a second (electrical) switch is needed to crank the starter motor, is that the starter motor requires such high voltage that the key would melt if all that power were to run through it. In other words; When you turn the key you are sending a small amount of power to the solenoid switch which in turn sends a large amount of power to the starter motor.

How do i know if my 1999 ford expedition truck starter is going bad?

You don't. It could be the solenoid (which is basically a heavy duty switch that connects the heavy battery lead to the starter motor) The ignition key supplies a little power on a thin black line down to the solenoid causing it to magnetize and throw the "heavy switch" turning over the starter motor. That clicking you hear when you first turn the key is power to the starter solenoid. Either there is enough power or not enough. However, some parts store will check your starting system FREE.

What is starting system?

Ignition switch, battery, battery cables, starter relay, starter solnoid, starter, flywheel ring gear.

How do you know if a starter solenoid is bad?

bypass it by connecting the battery cable directly to the starter motor. remember the solenoid is just a low voltage switch which exists so that high current cables do not have to be run to the starter system. wheni you turn the ignition key it should activate an electro-magnet in the solenoid which causes a metal bar to connect the battery power to the starter motor. so just bypass it to prove whether it works or not.

Why do you have trouble starting the car though d battery and alternator are ok and there are no sounds to be heard upon turning the key however it works based on luck?

Starting FailuresYour question is confusing, "...based on luck?"I suspect that you mean that the problem is intermittent [sometimes it works when you turn the key to the start position, and sometimes it doesn't.IF that's the case I suspect one, or a combination, of the following:A "loose" connection somewhere in the starter/solenoid circuit,A defective starter solenoid,A defective starter,A defective starter/ignition switch.NO ONE can tell you precisely what the cause is without "troubleshooting" the entire starting system, but the above causes can result in the symptoms you describe.You need to have someone who knows what they are doing to troubleshoot your starting system, find and identify the cause(s), and make proper repairs.

Which starting system component uses a small amount of current to control a large amount of current?

I think its a starter solenoid or a relay. I know relays take high voltage current to power low voltage circuits. Hope that helps..

What would make a starter not work?

Battery condition/charging system, Dirty/loose battery connections, Dirty/loose connections at the starter, Worn out starter solenoid, Worn out brushes in starter motor, Worn out starter drive gear/flywheel assembly, Faulty or out of adjustment neutral safety switch, Faulty starter relay,

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