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سأفتقدك sa aftaqiduka

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lek wa7sha

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Q: How do you say i miss you a lot in Saudi Arabic?
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How do you say Merry Christmas in Saudi Arabia?

In Saudi Arabia, Arabic is the official language.Merry Christmas in Arabic is:Milad Majid

How do you say 'Saudi Arabia' in Arabic?

The country of Saudi Arabia is called "the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" which in Arabic is المملكة العربية السعودية‎ (al-Mamlakah al-'Arabiyyah as-Su'udiyyah)

How do you say hello in soudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia's main language is Arabic. Hello in Arabic is 'مرحبا' (Marhaba)

How do you say I miss you to a man in Algerian Arabic?


How do you say Wednesday in Arabic?

Thursday in Arabic is called: AL-KHA-MISS. (الخميس)

What does zouina mean in Arabic?

in the north of Saudi Arabia we use zouina a lot, but originally its pronounce zinah, which mean beautiful or nice... for example, if i see something nice, i will say, it is zouina, she is zouina. hope you got it.

Do you missed me my friend in Arabic word?

Do you miss me my dear friend : you can say this sentence in one word --> eshta'atelliiii ( in Arabic ). and it is written this way : اشتقتلي

How do you say miss your presence in Arabic?

There is More than one Arabic dialect. The Egyptian Arabic pronaunceation would be : (Howa gahy)

What is name of paneer in Saudi Arabia?

There is no particular name for Indian Cheese called Paneer in Arabic, you would just say "Banir" (بانير). The Arabic word for cheese is "Jebben" (جبن).

How do you say i love you baby ' in Arabic?

Hi baby miss you you much : in formal language you say --> ahlan ya waladi ,, eshtaqto laka katheran. and it is written this way : أهلا يا ولدي, اشتقت لك كثيرا in non-formal language you say --> ahlaan habebee eshta'tellak kteer.

How do you say i miss you a lot in french?

"tu me manques beaucoup"

How do you say miss you a lot in spanish?

Te extrano mucho