How do you see your mutual friends on Facebook?

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All you have to do is click on someone you aren't friends with on facebook and scroll down on their profile page and see if you share any mutual friends.
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What is a mutual friend?

If for example somebody is a mutual friend of you and me, it meanshe is both my friend and your friend.

On Facebook what are mutual friends?

U've must have seen 'MUTUAL FRIEND' on a friend's profile right? It means that you and that specific profiler both have "that person" added on facebook!

How do you get mutual friends on Facebook?

you cant make mutual friends. mutual friends are just the friends that you and another user have in common. ex: say I'm on facebook and i go on another girl's profile, i look right above the friends list and see mutual friends and they're all on my friends list too. get it now? Not really

What is a mutual friend on facebook?

A mutual friend is the person who is also friends with one of your friends. Example: If you have a friend named Suzy who is friends with a girl named Rose, Rose would be your mutual friend because you and her are both friends with Suzy. Basically mutual friends are people who are friends with the sa ( Full Answer )

How do you find who has the most mutual friends with you on Facebook? that works. however, i think they only search through YOUR friends. so if the person who you have the most mutual friends with is not your friend on fb, they won't come up. However, there is a very good likelihood that the non-friend with ( Full Answer )

How do I check to see if a friend is on Facebook?

Go to your home page and at the left u'll see all this stuff like news feed , messages , games ads and pages and etc. and it will also say , Friends online and it will show what friends are online.

On Facebook how can you make it so only your friends can see your Facebook?

When you log on to your account, you can go to your profile page, and in on the top right hand corner, there should be an "account settings" or settings option you can click on, and a drop down menu comes up. When that happens, you can go to "Privacy settings" and it will redirect you to a page wher ( Full Answer )

How can you get mutual friends on facebook?

You can't get them. Mutual friend is a your friend's friend. You can get mutual friends on Facebook either by you making friendswith people who are on each of your Facebook friends' lists or byyour Facebook friends making friends with people who are on yourfriends list.

How do you add mutual friends on facebook?

There is no need to add mutual friends as they are already added in your friends list. They are just the common friends added between two users.

What is mutual friends on facebook?

Mutual friends are friends you and someone else have in common. usually if someone tries to friend me and i dont know them i check their mutual friends to find out if they are close friends with my close friends to see if its safe.

How can you see a photo of people that is not your friend in Facebook?

On there are certain privacy settings that may make it difficult to view some photos of others. However, if you have a mutual friend that can see the photo, they can always send you a link. If they just send the link of picture on Facebook, you'll probably get an error message saying yo ( Full Answer )

How you get mutual friends on facebook?

If I am Jack's friend, and I am your friend, that makes me a mutual friend. That's all it is. A friend you have in common with someone else. Mutual friends are a good way of deciding whether to accept a friend request. If you have several mutual friends, but don't recognise the name, it can help nar ( Full Answer )

How can you see all your friends on facebook?

First: create a face book acount and tell your friends to make one too. Second: download pictures to your face book and then tell your friends to too. Now: now you can see all of your friends on face book

How can you see a friends facebook chats?

If you mean there chats with other people you need to have acess to their account and can only view recent chats with conversations they have left open. but if you mean conversations you have had with your own friends then you need to open a conversation with them when there online and hope that th ( Full Answer )

What does mutual friend means in facebook?

it means friends in common or you share the same friends :) Example.....You and your friend danny (just go with it) is both friends with rebecca on facebook . rebecca is a mutral friend of danny:)

Who is your mutual friend on facebook?

Your mutual friend on facebook is a one of your friends other friends. If you have 2 mutual friends, it means two of your friends are friends with this one person whom you are not

How can you deal with a Facebook stalker if you have mutual friends?

Yeah you can just block Facebook stalkers and then they wont b able to look at your picture wall or like if you like something on someones page and they has that person what you liked they wont be able to see that you liked it or you cant get any messages of them if you just block them quick , easil ( Full Answer )

How do you have a mutual friends in facebook?

Mutual friends are common friends of yours and one of your friends. Simply you and one of your friend have some friends in common they are the mutual friends for yours and your friend.

How do you see all your friend requests on facebook?

At this point in time, at the top left hand side of your screen there is a Facebook button, right next to that 2 little blue heads, click on that and it shows you all current friend requests and people you may know and wish to add.

How do you see messages on Facebook from non friends?

There are two tabs for messages. Click on your normal tab and then look just behind it for 'other'. Normally this is where people can send you messages who aren't in your friends list or those who you haven't contacted can leave a message. You can choose to view and accept any messages or not.