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How do you sell a used Xbox?


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If you live in a popular city, try listing it for free in or try listing on Ebay. Also, many game retailers are currently taking trade-ins for Video Games and consoles. Try GameStop, EB Games, Babbage's or Software Etc. They will usually be willing to give trade credit or possible even cash for your old hardware and software.


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You cant sell a Xbox live profile.

well the xbox 360 is currently 199$ it depends if it was used and what condition its in

you can get it from target even microsoft points!

i would advise you to sell a used one for at least $250.00 or a new one for $300.00

sell your xbox 360 because ps3 are better

According to the Xbox website and other online websites, the Xbox 360 adapter can't be used on other devices. One can indeed recycle the adapter or sell it.

sell your xbox, buy an xbox 360 play it ¬_¬

about 180-200 and something dollars and sell you xbox they are going to give a bad price for it don't do it.

They buy back broken ones for about $25

if you want one ill sell it to you in perfect condition for 250

Hollywood video doesn't sell or rent any consoles to my knowledge. They still rent xbox games where i live but very few. Most Hollywood Video stores are connected to a Gamecrazy store where they might sell the xbox console used.

The xbox will sell for 49.99 at gamestop.

Microsoft does not sell regular Xbox Cards.. Just says "XBox Live"

Nobody will take it. Reason 1. Its Broken Reason 2. Even if you would sell it they will give like 10$ or 20$ for it because its used

An xbox 360 can range anywhere between $299.00 and up at gamestop. They also sell used xbox 360 which cost alot less. These xbox 360's are refurbished and in good condition.

you can just use the xbox 360 xbox live and they only sell it at game crazy

well, in walmart or in target, they sell an xbox WITH THE KINECT. they expllaned that there has to be chip if you have the old xbox

Rust is not available for the xbox 360.

if there were xbox 360 games they would sell for around $80 together, if they are xbox games it would be around 30 dollars.

need xbox 360 backups? I make them and sell them. email me at

You can sell the disc, and the person who bought it can use it without issues.

They can be sold on ebay.

The amount of money that you may receive for selling Xbox games at GameStop will vary. It will vary upon the condition of the game, and how rare the game is.

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