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How do you send a message to facebook on your cell phone?


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2011-07-26 19:16:19
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upload facebook mobile to your phone, this is only needed if your phone does not recieve internet access


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you simply type your message and enter the phone number of the person you want to send the message to.

Yes,they local sms charges apply in sending each message/or updating your status via cell phone to facebook.

The procedure of accessing the private messages of Facebook through is same like the access from PC, laptop or any other tablet. You are notified when someone send a message to you.

To send a message to Skander Keynes you can message them on social media. If you have their cell phone number, you can also send a message via text message.

by new pic message. when u hit new text message u should have 3 option(sp) pick the new pic message

i don't think you can't if they have Internet they could do on facebook,twitter exetera and then you could talk

Probably no, because there are services in messangers which allow U to send SMS messages but I don't think that U can send text messages from a cell phone to a computer.)Actually, Yes you can. I sent messages to Facebook all the time. so ignore the last answer. You can send messages to computers using a cell phone.

go to menu messaging create message type your message and send it

It means that your message was not able to send. I recommend resending it.

From the messaging menu, select "New PIX Message". Now, enter the phone number of the cell phone to which you want to send a picture.

Simply go to the message section, type the name of your facebook friend to whom you want to send message in the 'to' box. Type the message and simply send it.

From your cell phone, go to message and type Congratulations and send it. That's all!!!

Click the button that is down to your right to send a message on facebook to someone that is online!

install msn for your phone. it is usually provided by your network provider.

To send a private message to somebody on Facebook, you have to click the person's profile and then click the message icon. A dialogue window will pop-up and that allows you to type and send the message.

The reason a Facebook message won't send when "Send" is clicked is due to a glitch on Facebook's part. Try logging out and logging back in and resend the message.

some have settings that when they read it it will send u a message!

You can use someone else's phone. Either that, or send your message through an app or through a website.

No, the 3DS wasn't designed to send text messages.

1. Go to your cell phone menu 2. Click messaging 3. Then click "Create message " 4. click "Create message" 5. Then type in the phone number 6. then type in the message you want to send

the same thing you do when you text in america, just text them something and send it to their phone #

When you send a message on Facebook, you automatically get identified to the receiver.

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