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Finally! Other Jeeps with the same problem. I have identical year/make and constantly have the message display telling me to 'service 4 wheel drive switch' beep beep. The warning message varies with frequency, displays once or twice a month, sometimes all day for a week. The only place I found the word 'switch' was in a Jeep repair manual. the switch was located in the Transfer case & the manual said don't touch,see a professional. I've been driving like this for months. I see the message above, their jeep switch was replaced but the computer warning still flashes. Any luck out there?

According to the mechanic who works on my 94 Jeep it's one of three things. 1) Corrosion on the connector to the switch (which is located on top of the transfer case). 2) A bad switch. Part cost about $22.00 or 3) A bad console display. he says they have had a fair number of console display units fail. That one runs about $240.

My Jeep display it only once in a while. I have checked the connections and they are fine so the switch replacement is next. If that doesn't fix it I will opt to ignore the error.

try disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes. bad news .. you have to reset your clock and radio presets .. good news this may reset the info ctr computer and get rid of the message providing that the switch fixed the problem . It was explained to me that sometimes the computer gets a hiccup (I think it must be a windows platform lol) and a good old fashioned resetting is all it takes

I have a '93 Grand Cherokee. When this same message started to display on and off, I ran to the dealer. After a year and two new switches, the message goes non-stop. I gave up and removed the chime disk in the under-dash box. The message still displays, but I don't have to hear it.

I have a 95 GC that has ran the same message for the last 4 years. We have taken it to 3 mechanics and the said take it to the dealership, as they had never head of a 4WD switch. The dealereship didnt have a clue.

It turns at the 99% of the time the problem is a bad Vehicle information center. It now constantaly runs a warning that the tail lights are out (even though they are orperating normally), and constantly resets itself back to January 1st at midnight. Not only that, the VIC is interfering with the alarm system, shutting down the starter, and of course causing starting problems.

Here us a simple solution. Remove the VIC and throw it in the nearest body of deep water.

i just unhooked the connector at the transfer case. cheap and effective. idiot lights are for idiots.

Unplug the 4wd Switch Sensor on top of the trasfer case. Tape it up to something secure.

Ha i just had the same thing happen to me tonight on my 94 grand Cherokee Laredo. i was like so i put it in N, then the transfercase in N then in 4L then put the trans in 1st, moved forward a couple feet then back into N and back into 4AllTime and it hasent come back on, mind you my jeep has over 175k so i guess that's expected.

if you unplug the chime disk then the power doors locks wont lock, anyone else have an idea how to get the chime go away

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Q: How do you service a 4 wheel drive switch on a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee and where is it located?
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