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How do you set a fax machine when receiving messages?

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You tell it to automatically answer on X amount of rings, or with manual intervention by you. Also you tell it wether to store faxes or print them right away.


One of the disadvantage of using a fax machine is you need to be physically present in front of the machine in order to feed the paper into it. With internet fax service you can

fax using your online account, phone or any Microsoft Office programs. Providers of the service such as Ringcentral include fax editing tool and email fax software for free.

2010-07-01 02:41:07
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Q: How do you set a fax machine when receiving messages?
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How do you set up a Sharp UX-40 fax machine?

Can you reset fax machine

Is a Fax number the same as telephone number?

Yes, it is. On the receiving end (the number you call) a fax machine is set up as the recipient of your call. The phone line can still be used as a voice call, just not both at the same time. See the related link for more information on how a fax machine works.

How do you receive a fax in fax machine?

To receive a fax in a fax machine: 1) connect the fax machine to a phone line 2) have the person sending the fax send the fax to the phone/fax line number 3) receive the fax with the fax machine. Most fax machines should be set to automatically receive, however some will need you to press the "ok" or green button when the fax line is ringing.

What if you answer the phone and hear a fax tone?

This means that either: 1)Your phone is not capable of receiving fax messages 2)Your fax machine is not working, is switched off or not plugged into the phone line 3)Someone has mis-dialled and is trying to send a fax to the wrong number. 4)Someone is trying to make a telephone call via the internet or a satellite phone, and your phone is not set up / cabable of receiving such calls. 5)If this happens on a terrestrial phone line, it could be a result of maintenance or testing of (one of) the local exchange/s

How can you set multiple pages to fax machine?

It depends on the fax machine model. Most fax machines are set up to handle multiple pages by default, and the ones that aren't usually have some feature where you just need to press a button to put an extra document into the fax. Check the user manual for the machine you're using.

Can you set an allowed message length, and also number of rings before the fax picks up?

1. The unit has an overall recording time of 30 minutes (including your greetings and outgoing messages). The default message length is 60 seconds but this can be set by the user. 2. You can select the number of rings that will occur before the fax answers an incoming call. If you are using your machine as both a telephone and a fax machine, the manufacturer suggests you set the ring count to at least 4 to give you time to answer.

How do i answer my fax machine?

To answer a fax machine, you would need to do one of two things: 1) set the machine to automatically answer a call, so that it picks up after a number of rings. 2) press the "receive" button (often the green button) when the fax mahcine is ringing.

How do you get a fax confirmation on a Canon Laser Class 3170 fax machine?

Fax machine will beep. You have to set it. Mobile phone confirmation is available when you subscribe internet fax service provider. It will send alert message in mobile phone when you received and sent faxes successfully.

Where to get an owner's manual for a canon 710 fax machine?

Our Habitat for Humanity affiliate had a Canon 710 fax machine donated with no manual. We have no clue how to set it up. Needing an owner's manual.

How do you use fax machine for answering call?

You set the fax machine to automatically pick up the call after a number of rings. If you want to answer the call with the phone, then you would pick up the receiver to answer it.

Can you have an answer machine and fax machine on the same line?

Yes you can, however only one of them can be set to automatically answer - otherwise one will answer before the other. Other options are: - There are fax machines that have answering capability - There is the option to have a "dual ring" line - (DRD - dual ring detection) is what's needed in both the answering mahcine and the fax machine for that - this way you would have two phone numbers but one phone line - the answering machine would be set up for line 1, the fax machine line for line 2, and the fax machine ring would be different. This works with voicemail as well.

What did the first fax machine that was invented in 1843?

The first fax machine (or machine that could send an image over an electronic wire) was a set of timed clocks that relayed a signal between them. There wasn't much distance covered, but the principle worked. Later versions of a fax-like machine worked on similar principles.

Will the fax still go through if the fax send report is set to off?

It depends on the specific machine, however in most cases it should.

How do you set up a free fax machine through a PC?

You can set up a free fax machine through a PC by following instructions on this site: Another good website is There are several free fax software programs on the internet. i would suggest using,it is simple,fast,and free.

Why do the fax machine come on when answering machine starts?

Usually because it is set to pick up the phone line after the same number of rings as the answering machine...

What do you do when a fax machine that is set to autoredial keeps calling your non-fax number?

Connect your phone line to your computer and receive the fax. Then read the header for the sender's number and fax back to them that they have the wrong number. More details?

How do you set the fax machine so an alarm will go off when out of paper?

I have called HP, Canon, Brother, and SHarp and have not been able to find a fax machine that has an "out of paper" alarm. If you find one, let me know.

Where can one find information on how to send fax from a PC?

By visiting the Microsoft website, you are able to find information on how to set up your computer to ensure it is able to send and receives fax messages.

If phone on fax can it be answered?

Your question is unclear. If you have a single phone line, it can only be used for one thing at a time... you can talk on the phone, or send/receive fax data, not both (if you have "call waiting", switching from the fax to a call will disrupt the fax). If you have multiple lines, it depends on your fax machine, but in most cases you still wouldn't be able to send or receive a fax and talk on the phone at the same time. However, if you have a combination fax machine/phone, usually you CAN pick up the handset if a voice call comes in, even if the machine is set to default to fax mode.

How do you set a fax machine setting hp please help i been tryin to send out a fax and it keep coming up error on it i have something set wrong on it won't sent out.?

On some machines you have to dial a "9" to get out

How do you fax from US to Rome?

You need the country code to fax to Rome and it also depends on how your fax machine is set up. It is easiest to call your phone company and ask them. Rome's country code is 39, so depending on how your machine is set up, you may have to dial 9-1-39+the number or another prefix specific for international calling.

How do you fax a registration form?

First, find the fax number that you need to fax the registration form to. Second, make sure the form is completely and accurately filled out. Third, set the form into or onto the fax machine (usually face down). Fourth, dial the phone number into the keypad on the fax machine, making sure to dial any country or area codes fully if it is not a local call. Finally, hit the enter or send button and allow time for your machine to dial out, the other machine to answer, and for the data to transmit and print on the other machine. Of course, also make sure that your fax machine is turned on and connected to a phone line with a phone cable.

How do you change your sender information on a Canon 3170 fax machine?

if you're looking to change the header information that appears on a fax, you'll need to set those options in either the TSID or CSID area of the fax. This information is what appears on the header.

How to Buy a Good Fax Machine?

Whether it is for personal or professional use, you will need fax machines often. However, buying them can be tricky for someone who is not used to them. Fax machines are sensitive pieces of equipment and it is good to be discerning when you are buying them. Here are a few things that you must look into when you are trying to buy a good fax machine for your needs. ▪ You should begin by doing some research on the Internet. Take a look at the kinds of fax machines that are available and understand their features. There are basically two kinds of fax machines that you will have to choose from. The first is the film cartridge fax machine, which is the cheapest but also bears poor quality. The more expensive version is the inkjet fax machine which takes a printout of the document the way an inkjet printer does. It is not more expensive to buy this fax machine, but it is more difficult to use. ▪ Another feature that you have to look for with the fax machine is the number of speed dial settings that you can use. The more speed dial settings it provides, the more convenient will it be for you to use this fax machine. ▪ Your fax machine should not be a spaceship. It should be easy to use. You should be able to understand the interface well. ▪ Some fax machines come hooked up with answering machines. See if this feature is useful to you. You will, of course, have to spend extra. ▪ When buying a fax machine, don’t just think of the machine. Think also of the paper and the cartridges that you will have to spend on. You might also need to take out a service contract from the manufacturer. Fax machines can have a very long life, but you have to be particular about them right from the time you start shopping for them. Make sure that your fax machine is good quality and comes with a full set of instructions, including a troubleshooting guide.

How can you get a confirmation sheet on fax?

The fax machine needs to be set up to print the confirmation pages automatically. On most models it is under a menu called "reports", "TX reports" or "transmission reports" - check your user manual as each machine could have a different setting.