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When you set to do this on your own, it is critical that you get it right from the beginning, or you risk destroying your engine. The most important thing is to ensure that all the marks on the gears align correctly with the corresponding marks on the timing belt. Wind the engine over by hand to ensure the marks on both sides align properly, before you replace the covers.

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Q: How do you set the timing mark on a 1999 Daewoo?
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How do you change the Timing Belt in a 1999 Daewoo Laganza?

look at how to set timing mark for 99 daewoo,explained it there

How do you set the timing mark on a 2000 Daewoo?

the timing mark on the crank goes down matches with v notch intake and exhaust both go up but be sure you use the intake mark for and exhaust on that gear.

How do you set the timing on a 1997 Daewoo Ceilo?

you dont its preset by the timing belt

How to set the camshaft timing on a 2001 Daewoo?

Line up the timing marks on both camshaft sprockets so that they face each other. And line up the crankshaft pulley mark with the mark on the engine block.

How do you set timing marks on 1999 Toyota Camry engine 4-cylinders?

The mark on the camshaft should be aligned with the mark on the crankshaft.

How do you set timing in a 2000 kia clarus?

How to set the timing mark on kia clarus

How do you change and set the timing belt for a 2000 Daewoo Lanos?

Get a shop manual on it from AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM

How do you set a timing belt for a 2001 Daewoo Leganza?

i have uploaded the timing diagram to the following address

How to set timing on 1999 Ford Expedition?

how do you set or check the timing on a 99 ford expedition?

Where can you find timing mark for Mazda 626?

The timing mark for the Mazda 626 is in front of the engine. The marks for it belt are on the belt itself. The time for this can be set with a timing gun. A mechanic can set this for you.

How do you set the timing on a 1999 jaguar XJ8 engine?

where are thev timing markson a 1999 xj8 jaguar

If there is no timing mark on the timing cover of a 350 how can you set timing?

you can purchase an aftermarket timing tab which bolts to the timing cover.

What is ignition timing on a 1999 dodge ram with a 318?

The distributor is not set with a timing light. It is zeroed to the crankshaft. Set the crank on its 0 mark, remove the distributor cap and check rotor alignment with the mark on the pick up plate. The dealer can fine tune this with his scan tool.

How do you set the timing on a 1999 Chevy Metro LSi?

timing does not need to be set on the 1.3l engine in model year 1999 as it is a distributor less igniton system all timing is done by the ecm

How do you set the timing on 1999 GMC Yukon?

You must make sure you have the distributer mark aligned with mark on the intake manifold. The PCM makes all the timing adjustments. Info: The distributor is only used for the cam position, and spark distrubition.

Where do you set the timing marks on a 2000 daewoo?

the two cams must be at 12oclock and the crank must be at 6oclock

How do you set the timing on a 1999 Chevy siverado 5.7 liter engine?

That requires an engine scanner to set the timing.

How do set the timing for 1999 Nissan Sentra 1.6 engine?

where are the timing marks on the 1999 nissan sentra 1.6 ex

How do you set timing on 1999 7.4 liter Chevy?

Use a timing light with vacuum advance disconnected set base timing to 6 degrees

What should timing be set at for 1999 3.9 dodge?

It is set to 0 deg. with a scan tool. It can not be done with a timing light.

How do you set timing marks on a 1999 Kia Sephia?

1998 and newer have no timing marks. Timing cannot be adjusted.

What is the timing for a 1999 Chevy suburban 5.7 liter 350 ci?

You can not use a timing light to set the timing on that year engine. The timing is computer controlled and it requires a engine scanner to set the timing.

What is the Timing gear set up for a 1999 2lt transit van?

What is the timing gear set up for a 1999Ford Transit Van

How do you check timing on a 1999 3.3 v6 mercury villager?

Timing is set by the PCM and is not adjustable.

How do you set the timing on a 1999 Chevrolet silverado?

with a timing light on the hermonic balancer NEW ANSWER: The timing is not adjustable, it is controlled by the computer.