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The timing is controlled by the PCM, so there is no timing adjustments.

set both your camshafts to 90degrees with the cylinder head and cover mating surfaces, using the little punched holes as your guides. Set cylinder number one to TDC and align the chain marks on the gears as follows:

The two colored pieces of chain go on the right, and the the left gear and the crankshaft sprocket get one each. Reset your tensioner before reinstalling it or it will fail dismally. Rotete the engine using the crankshaft about three complete revolutions until the timing marks are back to were you set them. Before you close your engine, install the sparkplugs into the boots, but not into the block, then crank your engine and check for spark. If they spark you are good to go. If not remove the camshaft position sensor and try again. If they spark without the sensor in, the rotate you right camshafts by 180 degrees and try again. when working fine, installation is the reverse of the removal.

note, be sure your tensioner is fully reset or you will trhow away your engine like an ex-spouse.

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Q: How do you set the timing of a V6 2.7 liter 2000 Dodge Intrepid?
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