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Go to your library and see if they have a Chiltons manual otherwise go to a bookstore and buy one, they are cheap. I have never worked on one of the V-6 engines but setting the timing usually involves rotating the distributor and using a timing light. I am not sure if this is the case on computer controlled engines since I have never had to set the timing on any newer car I have worked on. If it is bad and you have a lot of miles, you may have a timing belt going bad. They get loose when they get old and often jump a notch. VBD

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Q: How do you set the timing on a 1986 Chevy Caprice 262 43L V6?
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How much horsepower does a 1987 Chevy caprice 262 4.3L V6 have?

140 hp, and it is the first year for a roller tappets

What is the timing supposed to be for a 1985 Chevy Caprice Classic?

My reference books say to check the underhood sticker for timing. If yours is missing or unreadable, I'd try 15 deg BTC on a 231 cid, and 6 deg BTC for any other engines, including the 262. These are from an 84 spec book. This should put you in the ballpark, anyhow. If your Caprice has the 307, it was built by Oldsmobile. Same firing order as the Chevy V8, but the distributor is counterclockwise.

What is timing mark on a 1991 gmc sonoma?

Engine 4.3L (262 cid)Base Timing 0~ TDC (Manual Trans).Engine 4.3L (262 cid)Base Timing 0~ TDC (Auto Trans).

Can you drop a Chevy 350 into your 1992 Chevy G20 4.3L 262 van?


What size motor comes in a 1987 caprice brougham?

A 4.3L 262 V6 or a 5.0L 305 V8

How many cubic inches is a 4.3 Chevy motor?


What is a Chevy 262 engine bored 030 over called?

A 262 bored 30 over.

What kind of engine fits in a 1986 caprice classic?

Just about anything......From the small 262 4.3 liter V-6 all the way up to a 454 big block V-8. Ask your local mechanic or any gear head.

How many cubic inches in a Chevy 4.3 liter engine?

262 cubic inches.

What is the exact engine in the 1987 Chevy brougham caprice?

250 cu in Chevrolet Straight-6 229 cu in Chevrolet 90° V6 262 cu in Chevrolet 90° V6 267 cu in Small-block V8 305 cu in Small-block V8 307 cu in Oldsmobile V8 350 cu in Small-block V8 This is what you could of had in your 97 caprice.. most likely carborter...

What is my 87 Chevrolet caprice motor type?

If it is a 6 cyl, it should be a 4.3L (262 ci) If it is an 8 cyl, it is probably a Chevy 305. It could also be a Chevy 350 or an Olds 307. If you fill the oil in the valve cover it is a Chevy engine. If you put oil in a tube on the front of the motor, it is an Oldsmobile. Check your VIN# for engine ID. I believe it is either the 8th or 9th digit. As I recall, Z is 4.3L V6, Y is Olds 307HO, 9 is Olds 307, H is Chevy 305HO, and 6 is Chevy 350

Is a 96 Chevy blazer a v6 or v4?

It is a 4.3 liter V-6, 262 cubic inches of displacement.

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What cubic inch is a Chevy 4.3l v6?

262 cubic inches Can't be right that it has anything to do with a Monte Carlo! I got a straight up 6 1954 Chevy! It's heavy body.

Can you put a carb 350 intake on a 305 tbi engine?

yes it will fit, 262-400ci chevy smallblock manifolds are interchangeable.

What are the engine sizes for a 1973 Chevy Cheyenne?

The engine sizes for the 1972 Chevy Cheyenne included the 250, the 262, the 292, the 305, the 350, and the 400. The 454 was also offered for the 1973 model year.

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What weight oil should you use for a Chevy 350 with 30 over and a 262 cam?

I would use SAE 10w30 full synthetic.

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Will a 00 Chevy s10 radiator support fit a 96 Chevy s10 262 cid?

no the lights mounting area and wiring harness are different. I have the opposite problem a 2000 s10 and bought a 96 radator support

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