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find yourself a book, and a timing light to do it a little on the web for a MK 1 fanatics web page that may have diagrams...

when your fanatical yourself, you can post all kinds of stories and specs and stuff yourself...! :)

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:58:01
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Q: How do you set your ignition timing and motor timing on an 1800 mk 1 golf and what is the firing ratio?
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What is a critical compression ratio?

The lowest compression ratio of a compression-ignition engine that allows a specific fuel to be ignited by compression ignition.

Why would a car engine run better with high octane gasoline?

It wouldn't necessarily run better at all - it all depends on your ignition and timing setup and compression ratio.

Why does your 84 z die when accelerating Ignition coil has been replaced fuel pressure is good Is there a sensor doing this?

You have an ignition Control Module that you can check that controls ignition timing Throttle Position Sensor that tells the computer where the throttle is so it can regulate and give the correct air fuel ratio.

What does it mean by mix ratio?

It can refer to the fuel to air ratio, in the piston of an engine, prior to ignition.

What is the compression ratio to a Toyosha 142ci motor?

23:1 compression ratio

What is the compression ratio on a 1999 grand prix GTP?

The compression ratio is 8.5:1 supercharged motor and 9.4:1 for the non-supercharged motor.

What is the gas ratio for a 3.5 Briggs and straton?

For a Briggs and Stratton motor 3.5 motor used straight gas and oil in the crank-case, there is no ratio.

High Compression ratio not used in spark ignition engine?

S.I Engine lower compression Ratio is 6 to 11

Fuel oil ratio for Yamaha 55 hp motor?

Mixing ratio should be 50:1

Efficiency of a motor?

ratio of energy output to energy input.

What is the oil to gas ratio for a gas scooter with a 43cc motor?

my 43 cc scooter has a 1/25 ratio

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40:1 ratio

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