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Hi, I'm not certain what your question means. If you have purchased initials, you can put them on by hand or by machine. If you wish to embroider by hand, make a pattern on your unfinished pillow with a fabric marker that can be washed out after embroidering; this will work also if you have a sewing machine that zig zags. Narrow the stitch and stitch length and follow the lines that you have drawn. I would place some iron on interfacing on the back of the fabric to keep the stitches from bunching up. Check out iron on initials via the internet. I'm sure there are many lovely letter types to choose from. Try G-Street Fabrics, JoAnns etc. Have fun!

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How do you sew weave onto cornrow?

can you sew weave onto dreads?

How can I make a Hundertwasser pillow case?

Sew a famous painting of his work on the pillow case!

How do you knit a pillow?

Knit a shape that is twice as long as you want the pillow to be. Then fold it in half, sew up two sides, stuff it, and sew up the third open side.

How do you cut and sew a king size pillow sham?

cut it as straight as you can,and when you're ready to sew,the part where you sewed it at put that only part inside out.that only part.and sew it with what ever color thread that matches the color of the pillow

How do you sew a crochet flower onto crochet hat?

u SEW it

How do you sew a pillow?

To make the simplest pillow, buy a piece of fabric twice as long as you want the pillow to be. Fold the fabric in half across the short length, and sew the three sides together. Leave at least six inches in the end to turn it right side out and put in the stuffing. You can use foam or cotton stuffing, then sew up the opening. To make a pillow case, only sew the two long sides together, and fold the end over to make a hem.

What is a sentence with the word sew?

Below are some sample sentences with the word sew.I want to sew a new pillowcase.Sally bought a new machine to help her sew quilts.This pillow was sewn by hand.

How do you sew in extensions on white girl hair?

They would do a cornrow braid, and sew it onto that.

How do you sew shirring elastic onto wool?

you dont sew it thread it through with a darning needle

How do you sew a pillow case?

Measure two pieces of fabric with at least two inches bigger than the pillow, fold down the hem of the case, then place the two right sides together, and sew around the remaining three sides.

What do you do to cover holes in clothes?

Sew a patch onto them

Why should you sew?

There are many reason you should sew. One of them is to make sutom projects. You can make exactly the piece of clothing that you want, or the pillow that you want, or the curtains that you want.

Can you sew plastic canvas onto jean material?

Yes, you can. : )

How do you fix a strap back onto a bag?

Will it pr pends on what kind of bag if can sew sew it back together.If u can't sew then go to any shop that sews to get it sewed .

Can you sew Disney embroidery designs onto items and sell them?

not legally no.

How many Pillow Pets are there?

More than 100 varieties of Pillow Pets have been sold by CJ Products. CJ are the initials of the company's founders, Clint and Jennifer Telfer. The first Pillow Pet was "Snuggly Puppy" in 2003. "It's a Pillow. It's a Pet... It's a Pillow Pet."

How do you make pillows for American girl dolls?

You cut out 2 equal size pieces of fabic. Then, you sew 3 out of 4 of the sides. Then, you turn the fabric inside out and fill it with pillow fluff (which you can find at a craft store). Then, you sew the open end closed. Now, enjoy your American Girl Doll pillow!

Can you sew a wig onto your head?

yes if you can stand the pain of needles in your head

What is an easy way to sew 'gripper tape' for a sofa pillow cover?

You could try the self stick type of gripper tape. Just peel of the backing and stick on the surface of the pillow. If the pillow cover has a zipper that can be used to remove the cover, you can reach inside the cover and hand sew the gripper on. If you don't feel comfortable attaching it yourself, you can take it to a nearby seamstress and pay them a small fee to do it for you.

How do you sew hair weave on a net?

The hair track, or weft, is sewn or bonded onto the net. The net is then sewn onto the hair.

What is a sentence with thread?

Veronica bought red thread to sew the button onto her sweater.

How can I sew in someone's initials on a personalized blanket?

My suggestion would be to take your blanket to an experienced quilter. This is to ensure a clean and even stitch.

How do you make a sofa pillow?

Sofa pillows can add some spice and style to your living room. While you try to buy them at department stores, it is usually hard to find exactly what you're looking for. Most of the pillows that are sold in these stores are fairly generic and very pricey. If you're not satisfied with the sofa pillows you find out in the marketplace, you can make your own sofa pillows at home. Not only will you have a one-of-a-kind pillow but you'll also save a little bit of money. # == # Step 1 Choose your fabric. Before you start to make your pillow, it's important to decide on what kind of fabric you would like to use. Head to your local fabric store and purchase the fabric that suits you. Keep in mind that the fabric needs to be relatively thick. # Step 2 Gather all the materials you need. Make sure you have everything you need before you get started. Choose thread that matches the fabric and have a sewing machine available. Gather the fabric, fabric liner, scissors and a sewing needle. If you want to add extra décor to your pillow, make sure you have a significant amount of that readily available. # Step 3 Sew the frame of the pillow. Decide on how big you want the fabric to be and cut the fabric. Double up the fabric. For example if you want a square pillow, decide how big the pillow will be. Double up on that amount of fabric leaving a little bit extra for shaping your pillow. # Step 4 Sew the pillow liner in. Once you have your fabric ready, sew the pillow liner to the side of your fabric that won't be showing. # Step 5 Sew your pillow together. Once the pillow liner is ready, it's time to sew the three corners of your pillow together. You want to leave one corner open so that you can stuff the pillow. # Step 6 Stuff your pillow. Once your pillow is three quarters of the way done, it's time to stuff it. Use your favorite pillow foam or pillow stuffing and fill the pillow up. Try to get as much stuffing in there as possible because over time sofa pillows tend to lose their form. # Step 7 Sew up the final corner. Once your pillow is successfully stuffed, it's time to sew up the final corner. Once it is sewed up, cut away any excess fabric. # Step 8 Add any extra decorations. Now it's time to get creative. Add your favorite décor to your pillow. This can be beads or tassels. Once you are finished adding the décor, your pillow is complete. Congratulations and enjoy that one-of-a-kind pillow! # == #* -fabric #* -sewing machine #* -thread #* -needle #* -décor of your choice #* -pillow stuffing #* -scissors #* -fabric liner

How do you sew a heart shaped pillow?

Find a heart template, You can make one by opening Microsoft office or paintbrush and adding then enlarging a heart shape to the desired size. Print and cut to the shape. Fold your Fabric in half and pin the template to it. Cut out the shape. You will have 2 heart shapes. If you are going to add lace pin the lace to the edges of the "Right Side" of the fabric (or the side that will be showing when finished). Place the second heart shape on top. The two "Right Sides" should be facing one another, on the inside. Sew the two sides together. Leave a small opening on a straight side of the pillow 1 to 3 inches depending on size of pillow. Turn the pillow right side out through the hole and then stuff the pillow. Sew up the hole and you have a cute heart-shaped pillow!

How do you make converse shoe pants?

sew a pair of chucks onto your pants perhaps really