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Smile at her, look her in the eyes and tell her you really care about her. Hold her hand, put your arm around her waist and once in awhile get her some flowers (even if you can only afford one red rose) just to let her know you care, but don't over-do it because some of these more modern young women can feel smothered by such sentiment.

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Q: How do you show your girl that you care?
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What do you do when you have a crush on someone but they have a girl friend?

Show her you care about her

What should you do to get a beautiful girl to like you?

To get a girl to like ue...youu mustt show her that you care, and be there for hur, buy hur nice gifts and take her out alot. Show ue care

How do you know when a girl wants you?

she'll show a lot of care and concern ...

What should you do to get a girl to go out with you if she has a boyfriend?

Shower her with presents and be nice and show her that you care.

How do you show a girl you care about here and you want here to go out with you?

Just go up to her and tell her that you care for her and ask her out on a date.

How do you show you care for a 13 year old girl?

.Can we start by learning the nature of your relationship with the 13 year old girl in question?

Best way to apolagise to a 14yr old girl?

do it in public, or make it into something extravagant. This will show the girl that you really care about what you're saying.

How can you tell a girl you like her without saying it?

All you really have to do is show her that you care for her and you need to be thoughtful and compliment on things. Just try to show her what you feel for her and she will definitely know what you feel... its a girl thing!

Why are boys write girls love letters?

Because they want to show the girl how much they care about them. Sometimes boys just do it to get the girl mad or annoyed. :)

What do you do if you like a girl even though she is a slut and everyone flirts with her?

instead of simply flirting with her show her why you really care.

How do you get a girl that you know that likes you?

you got to be sweet and flirt and show her that you care. also be up front and tell her. it helps.

How do you get a seventh grade girl to kiss you?

I believe that if you are nice and show that you care for them and that you are both ready to than just kiss her!

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