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Usually the chime sound comes from a relay box in your dash. There are two possible ways of shutting it up. 1 Disconnect the relay box. In this first case make sure that the box doesn't control anything else, or you'll have to do the other way. 2 Locate the box, disconnect it, open it, cut the wire that goes to the speaker, close the box, and put it back where it belongs.

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Q: How do you shut the chime off for the door ajar alarm?
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What is a door ajar warning?

The "Door Ajar" warning means your door is not shut all the way.

Why is the indicator chime for driver door only and constantly on when you are driving?

One probably cause is that the door is slightly ajar. Another is a faulty door switch ... if the contacts aren't closing properly, leaving the circuit open with the door shut securely, the door chime will sound.

How do you replace the door open warning relay on your 2002 ford explorer?

If the door ajar light is coming on in your gauge cluster, and the warning chime is sounding when all your doors, liftgate, and glass hatch are securely shut you most likely have a sticking door ajar switch. The door ajar switches are inside the doors mounted on the latch mechanisms.

How do you get door chime to shut off on Chrysler?

Close the door.

What is a Door Ajar light mean on your dashboard?

a door in your car is not fully shut.

2002 Mercury Mountaineer door ajar alarm while driving?

I've had that happen in my 2002 mountaineer. what I've found is that if you spray the door latches with wd40 it will clean off the sensors and the door ajar light should go out. but make sure all the doors are shut.

Past tense of ajar?

The best way to phrase it would be to place "was" directly before ajar Example: "The door was ajar, Then I shut it."

Why does the door ajar light stay on in a Mercury Mountaineer?

The door ajar light might stay on in a Mercury Mountaineer if a door is not shut properly. Sometimes a door will seem like it is shut, but will not be shut enough to trip the light off. Check for dirt or other debris in the door latch for all doors.

How do you turn off 2004 Nissan Murano door ajar light on dash?

Shut the door!

How do get door open light to shut off on your Ford F250SD?

the door ajar light is staying on all the time

How do you shut the door chime off on a 2007 buick terrazo?

remove fuse

Why does the 2004 Chevrolet impala door ajar light come on and stay on?

The system thinks that a door is not shut completely. If all of the doors are shut tight, then a door switch is loose or bad.

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