How do you speak creole?

This is how you speak creole. It doesn't have an exact accent. I will teach you basic things like how are you-Koma ou ye

Whats up-Sak pase

I'm fine-mwen byen you don't actually pronounce the n. That's how many words in creole are they have a silent letter in the end.

why-pouke sa this is just basic things not too much if you need any help just ask the question and I'll be here.

Real answer:

They above answer doesn't identify the exact language, but it looks like it could be Louisana Creole or Haitiain Creole.

There is no such language as "Creole". The word "Creole" refers to a category of languages that are a combination of 2 completely different languages. There are more than 100 different creole languages spoken in the world today. The most common creoles are English-based, French-based, and Spanish based creoles.