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Q: How do you split digital cable from one TV to Two TVs?
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What is the difference with digital cable versus regular cable?

Analog cable, or "regular" cable versus Digital cable, the difference can be seen when you put two televisions side by side with one using analog cable and one using digital cable. Through this, you will see that digital cable television picture quality is much better in comparison to the analog cable. To put it simply, digital cable provides a better picture.

My question is, what is digital TV?

Digital television has nothing to do with cable or satellite. The only thing digital television means is that the signal that is distributed is a digital one and not analog. The big switch that occurred two years ago means that everyone receives a digital signal. Now, if you want content, you are going to have to subscribe to a cable or satellite provider. What you probably saw was a basic service that gave you local channels, but not much else.

What is the difference between 3C2V and RG6 coaxial cable?

When comparing the two of cable, 3C2V has smaller diameter than RG6. RG6 cable can sometime be seen as Quad shield cable. Both these cable can be used in TV signal receiving but RG6 is the most suitable when receiving digital signal such as satellite television and DVB-T.

What makes digital cable TV different from satellite?

The only difference is where the signal for the channels comes from. Also digital cable tends to offer more pay per view movies and more local channels. Other than that, there really is no difference between the two.

Can two digital cable boxes be wired together so that you can watch tv on one channel and record on another channel at the same time?

Yes, connect the incoming coax cable to the input of a two way splitter box and the output coaxes to the input of the cable boxes.

Does cable tv use satellite?

Cable TV doesn't use Satellites. They are two different services. Cable TV is a digital service where you get the services by using a cable installed by your cable tv provider in your area. The Satellite TV is the strong competition of Cable TV. It needs a satellite dish and a satellite to receive digital-TV signals from the providers.On the link provided, you will see the comparison of Satellite TV and Cable TV and why Satellite TV is the superior on both services.EDIT: Cable-TV does use satellites - but only to bring in the signal from other countries. It's fed to distribution equipment, which sends it down the cable to individual homes. For example - I have cable-TV supplied by Virgin Media - they broadcast content from other countries supplied to them by satellites (eg. SKY 1 which is an American broadcaster), and they send it down a cable to my home. Snakester1962 (Supervisor)

What is a summer finale for tv shows?

Many cable series split their seasons into two parts. So the summer finale is when the last summer episode airs.

What are cable connectors often used for?

Cable connectors are used on coaxial cables, which are ports in the wall that connect to a TV. The connectors are used to either link together two coaxial cables or split it off into more than one.

How can I connect a second TV set to my existing Cable TV?

i think it would depend on whether it is split from one cable or not. More importantly, i am not sure why you would want to do that? What's the advantage? NO. Your cable modem is like a digital box, it's an addressable device that needs to be authorized to let you go online. you can have 2 cable modems in a single room if you want but you have to have two separate accounts. Provisioning of the cable modem is done through an application that manages billing, addressability, and authorization of CPE (customer premises equipment). so once the codes are right in the account, an order goes to the cable headend to authorize that device, wether it's a cable box or a modem or a phone box... hope this will help. (BTW i am a cable technician)

How do i connect my tv which is a Digital Audio Out connection to my computer speakers which have a 3.5mm Headphone Jack connection so that my TVs sound will play out of the speakers?

Unless your computer speakers have a digital audio input, you won't be able to just use a cable. If your TV has two RCA line outputs (audio outputs), you can get an adapter cable to run to your computer speakers. You could upgrade your speakers to models that have a digital input, but most of those are higher-end surround-type systems.

How do you use a splitter to watch cable on two televisions?

You need a TV signal splitter. They're cheap and available just about everywhere, like Walmart, K-Mart, electronics stores. Just split the `antenna out' connection from the cable box. You'll also need a couple more signal wires (coaxial cables) otherwise you'll be two wires short of having what you need. One from the cable box to the splitter and then one for each TV.

If you have digital cable and a converter from your cable company how do you sequence that box and a DVR you buy so that you can record any channel and view one while recording another?

If you were receiving a broadband analog signal, you could put in a signal splitter after the cable box, one line going to your TV and the other line to the DVR, as each has its own tuner. They would both receive a full choice of channels. Since you are receiving an encrypted digital signal, and want to two channels to change (for ''both'' the TV or the DVR), you might need two tuners, which essentially "splits" the digital signal to your desired channel across two. Sometimes cable companies will give you a deal for two converter boxes. Try looking at the VEG-N video unit by It might do what you want.

How can someone connect a laptop to a television?

To connect a laptop to a television, you only need the correct cable to connect the two items. You will either need a HDMI cable, a DVI cable, a VGA Cable, or an S-Video cable.

Which is better coaxial or HDMI?

HDMI is a pure digital signal for video AND audio. It's the best you can get. Component is the next best option for video, but most upscaling DVD players and the like can only send a 1080p signal via HDMI. If you're asking about coaxial as in the coax cable that supplies your cable feed to your tv or cable box then there is no comparison, literally. It's two different things. The cable signal will be decoded in the cable box then sent to the tv via whatever format you're using. If your talking about running the coax straight from the wall to your tv then you will NOT get an HD signal. You will have to have an HD cable box then run HDMI or component out to the tv from there. If you're talking about digital Coaxial cable, that is used for audio only. You have three options here. If you run everything through an HDMI switching receiver then that's all you need. If you're going straight to your tv and using built-in TV speakers then HDMI is all you need. If you're running your video to the TV with HDMI, but audio through a receiver then you can use either digital coax or toslink connections for digital audio. Toslink (fiber optic) is supposed to be the best for audio, but I've used digital coax and don't notice much of a difference. On a side note, if your tv accepts DVI, then you should know that DVI is essentially the same as HDMI except without the audio. DVI is digital video only.

How do i get the hd channels to come in when i split the cable to two tv's?

If the antenna cable is connected to a splitter the signal drops 50% to each TV. This might be too low for the TVs to work. The solution would be to use a powered splitter instead of a passive one. This type will produce a full power signal at each output.

What cable provider offers the best cable TV deals?

Middlesex County, NJ has only a select few cable television providers. The two providers that have the best rates and packages are Cablevision and Comcast cable.

Component Cable?

Let me try to explain. The component cable was an upgrade of the old composite cable that gave you one cable for the video and two, a left and right channel, for the audio. Composite cable was not able to support digital signal. The component cable also came with three cables but in this instance they were for the three colors channels (red green and blue) supported by TVs of that time. They did improve the quality of the picture but only when you had them plugged in correctly

What happens when the analog broadcasts of TV will end Feb 17 2009?

Currently, television in the U. S. is being broadcast in two methods; digital, and the original analog method. The analog method uses a large amount of the frequency spectrum, and sprays a great deal of radio frequency energy into the environment. The Federal Communications Commission has set a date for the analog transmission method to end. At that time, people with older televisions will have to buy a converter box to decode the digital transmissions. If you are on a cable system, the digital transmissions will be decoded by the cable system, so no additional decoder will be required.

Your tv and your sisters tv are both on the same areal and its digital but when she turns hers on mine looses signal and gets bad signal how do you fix this?

The system should have a coax cable running from the antenna to a two way RF Splitter with one input and two outputs. One output needs a coax cable run to one TV and another coax cable connected to the second output and run to the second TV set. If the signal is not strong enough, use a powered splitter instead of a passive one.

Can you play xbox 360 split screen on two TVs?


Can two digital cable boxes be wired together so that you can watch tv on one channel and record on another channel with a VCR?

once you have the two boxes , youn loop the signal from one to second box which can record within the given frequencies

What companies make a digital tv tuner?

For people with older, analog television sets, a digital TV tuner is a necessary accessory in order to receive modern TV signals. Two companies that manufacture digital TV tuners are Haupt and Leadtech.

Cable TV is good or bad?

c have two point of view about cable Tv. Most of people like to watch cable Tv.Some people who are working to business and other watch cable Tv to explore general knowledge . Some youth and other watch as a creature comforts. Anyway, I think, watching cable Tv has impact. So cable Tv is good.

What is a cut screen in video games?

a cut, or split screen when playing a video game is when two or more people are playing the same game, on the same system, on the same tv. the screen of the tv is split to show two different camera angles, almost as if the tv screen was split in two. in this way all people can play at the same time.

What cable is called for phone Internet and TV?

There are primary two different systems. If it is cable then RG6 cable is used. If it is a LAN then Cat. 5 will be used.