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Hold in the clutch, put it in neutral and turn the key.

u may also want to hold in the brake if ur close to several cars

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Q: How do you start a Plymouth neon stick shift car?
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Can you use starter fluid to start your 98 Plymouth neon?

Not recommended.

What is the difference between a Chrysler Plymouth Neon and a Dodge Neon?

The Chrysler/Plymouth Neon is physically the same as the Dodge Neon, since Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge were all the same company when the Neon was released.

Can a 95 Plymouth neon window be replaced by a 96 Plymouth neon window?


When you try to start your 97 dodge neon it clicks once it has a brand new battery its a stick shift and starts fine by push starting it?

the relay or the starter motor is stuffed

How many catalytic converters are on a 2001 Plymouth neon?

A Plymouth Neon has one catalytic converter.

What's the difference between a Dodge Neon and a Plymouth Neon?

The most simple explaination is that there is no real difference. Plymouth was the original company that both Dodge and Chrysler grew out of offically in 2001. The 2001 Plymouth Neon was the last car the Plymouth produced so really there is not many differences at all between a 2001 Plymouth Neon and a 2002 Dodge Neon.

Is the Plymouth Neon the same vehicle as a Dodge Neon?

Yes! The Neon is actually manufactured by Chrysler and is known in most countries as the Chrysler Neon. Chrysler owns both Dodge and Plymouth as well and so the car is often called the Dodge Neon or Plymouth Neon in North America.

How do you know if transmission is bad in Plymouth neon?

if it doesnt shift into gears smoothly or at all. rev. is the first to go in most cases.

How do you remove a engine from a 95 Plymouth neon?

actually there is also a Plymouth neon as well as the dodge neon their pretty identical an the parts are the same

Where is the thermostat on a 1995 Plymouth Neon?

The thermostat on a 1995 Plymouth Neon is right behind the Radiator Cap.

Is a 2001 dodge neon Plymouth neon the same crankshaft?

There is no difference between the Dodge and Plymouth engines.

What is the spark plug gap for a 2000 Plymouth neon?

the spark plug gap for a 2000 dodge/plymouth neon is 0.035 the spark plug gap for a 2000 dodge/plymouth neon is 0.035

Will parts for a 2003 neon work for a 2005 neon?

95 percent of the parts of your 2003 Plymouth Neon will work on the 2005 Plymouth Neon. Some of the interior parts will be different.

Where is the Mass air flow sensor located in a 1996 Plymouth neon?

A 1996 Plymouth Neon does not have a maf sensor.

1995 Plymouth neon and it wont start when it turns over it backfires what would it be?

It has either . jumped timing

How many gallons of gas does a 1996 Plymouth Neon hold?

I have a 1998 Plymouth Neon and it holds approx. 12.5 gallons.

Is the 2002 Plymouth neon front wheel drive?

All Neon's were front wheel drive. Whether it be the Dodge or Plymouth.

Why does the car shift from drive to neutral when you step on the gas the car is a 1995 Plymouth neon?

because neons aka pee ons are junk cars

When did Plymouth discontinue?

The last Plymouth car made was a 2001 Neon.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1998 Plymouth neon?

The fuel pump in the 1998 Plymouth neon is located inside the gas tank.

2.0 engine and components diagram for a Plymouth neon?

i need a timing belt alingment diagram of 1996 plymouth neon 2.0

What is the difference between a 1998 Plymouth neon and a 1998 dodge neon?

not much besides badging and sorts. the Plymouth neon "sport" model is called the expresso, while the dodge neon sport model is the "sport."

Do they make a Chrysler neon?

Yes, they make a Plymouth Neon, Chrysler Neon, and a Dodge Neon. They are all mopar cars.

Can you use parts from a 1997 Plymouth neon on a 1999 Plymouth neon espresso?


How do you change the timing chain or belt on a 1998 Plymouth Neon?

how do you put a Plymouth neon back in time 2.0L single overhead cam

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