How do you start a motorcycle club?

You start a motercycle club by avertisments in newspapers and friends spreading the word.


Starting a club is considered an insult to the existing clubs. There is a heirarchy of clubs, it starts with the dominate 1% club in the area, then the rest of the 1% clubs in the area, then the regular 99% MC clubs, then you have rideing clubs and associations, last you have groups. You need to do some research and understand the ettiqute of the biker community. If you want to start a club you need to be sure there is no existing club with the same goals as you have for yours. The first thing to do is to get your initial members together, and find out who the dominate club is in your area. They may have an orginazation to handle the lesser clubs. You also need to get game plan together and fiquare out what kind of club you plan to have and why you feel it is needed in your area. Then you need to contact the dominate club or the council that over see's area clubs and request a meeting. Be respectful, and if things don't work out that may be the end of it or you maybe able to hange things to work things out. But you can not force the issue. You are dealing with people who put their club first and live to be a biker, its not something most people understand. It also holds true for joining new clubs, they may not have gone about it the right way and could ba a target for 1% or even dominate clubs. so do you research. The best thing o do is get out there and meet people, networking can get you far in this comunity.

I am a coal miner i work underground for a living and want to start a motorcycle club for all coal miners.What do i need to do to get started and who do i need to talk to.