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Motorcycle clubs and organizations are formed by like-minded individuals who are interested in motorcycle and social gatherings. The organization’s hierarchy is similar a corporation’s, with a president, directors and officers.

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What does the 1 percent motorcycle club patch mean?

The 1% patch implies the wearer radically rejects authority and symbolizes only one-percent of motorcyclists are 'true outlaws.' If worn on the back, in addition to the aforementioned, it designates the wearer to be a senior member of the motorcycle club. This person would be referred to as the club Diamond Back.

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Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations

How do you start a motorcycle club?

You start a motercycle club by avertisments in newspapers and friends spreading the word.

AnswerStarting a club is considered an insult to the existing clubs. There is a heirarchy of clubs, it starts with the dominate 1% club in the area, then the rest of the 1% clubs in the area, then the regular 99% MC clubs, then you have rideing clubs and associations, last you have groups. You need to do some research and understand the ettiqute of the biker community. If you want to start a club you need to be sure there is no existing club with the same goals as you have for yours. The first thing to do is to get your initial members together, and find out who the dominate club is in your area. They may have an orginazation to handle the lesser clubs. You also need to get game plan together and fiquare out what kind of club you plan to have and why you feel it is needed in your area. Then you need to contact the dominate club or the council that over see's area clubs and request a meeting. Be respectful, and if things don't work out that may be the end of it or you maybe able to hange things to work things out. But you can not force the issue. You are dealing with people who put their club first and live to be a biker, its not something most people understand. It also holds true for joining new clubs, they may not have gone about it the right way and could ba a target for 1% or even dominate clubs. so do you research. The best thing o do is get out there and meet people, networking can get you far in this comunity.

I am a coal miner i work underground for a living and want to start a motorcycle club for all coal miners.What do i need to do to get started and who do i need to talk to.

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Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations

Who are the wheels of soul mc?

The Wheels Of Soul Nation, MC was established in Philadelphia, PA in 1967. We are a multi racial and national organization with chapters in most of the United States. The Wheels Of Soul Nation, MC does not belong to any governing motorcycle organization and is thus considered to be an "Outlaw Motorcycle Club". We are not a gang or criminal organization. We are a brotherhood based on a common interest in motorcycles and camaraderie. Our 4-piece patch is made up of 3 "rockers" and the "wing and wheel" center patch. In our 40+ year history the patch has remained the same for the most part. Our adherence to the original patch mirrors our adherence to the original core values that the Wheels Of Soul Nation, MC was established upon. Rocker -GFWD

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Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations

What is a patch over in motorcycle clubs?

A merger of an mc club, similar to a hostile takeover

Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations

How do you join outlaws mc?


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Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations

How do you start an outlaw motorcycle club?

Have loyality for your club an start seeing your friends as your brothers. Make sure every member that wants to join has loyality and a motorcycle. Talk to older members of other outlaw motorcycle club or simply just a patched member. Also, be sure that you know as much about outlaw motorcycle clubs as possible.


Make sure that there are no other clubs with the same name as yours. If there are 2 M/Cs with same name than you might cause trouble in your town. Also, make sure you know how to ride a motorcycle and that you like riding it.

Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations

Is there a motorcycle gang called life and death?

Yes there is a motorcycle gang called the life and death.

it was formed in 1978 by Robert (DOCTOR BOB) Kitchener.

in N.S.W and QLD they holy the largest know motorcycle territory of any club in the southern hemisphere ... the entire Hawksbury district in Sydney's western suburbs.

this includes Windsor, Richmond, Portland, Kurrajong

reported to currently have 328 members

Answer:yes there is an outlaw m.c called life and death there numbers have dwindled to about 50 Australia wide they are nothing more than pathetic old men with no respect for anything or anyone they are despised whereever they go they are standover merchants because they think the world owes them something because they wear a grubby old rag on their backs they are nothing more than a laughing stock in the hawkesbury community. Answer:No, there is not a "gang" called Life and Death.

There is however a Motorcycle Club called Life and Death MC.

Life and Death MC was formed in 1973, not 1978 as mentioned above.

Life and Death MC hold the two largest area's of any MC in Australia, these being the Hawkesbury and Lake Macquarie districts in New South Wales.

They also have chapters in Queensland.

Life and Death MC also have the longest serving National President, Dr. Bob who is a founding member of the club. Dr. Bob gets his name from being known to fix anything.

Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations

How do you contact or get information on the Highwaymen Motorcycle club of Detroit?

They have their own website, on it you will find an email address to contact them. See the link below.

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How many ruff ryders chapters in nc?

7 ~ charlotte, fayetteville, raleigh, durham, greensboro, goldsboro, jacksonville

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Who is the sincity deciples motorcycle club?

The SIN CITY DECIPLES MC, EST 1966 IN GARY INDIANA is a black American motorcycle club not one of the AMA's favored 99%. For members of this (3) piece patch club its not a passing fad or hobbie its a life style, biker for life. Sin City Deciples motorcycle club ride Harley Davidson Motorcycles only. With chapters from coast to coast Deciples ride in all kinds of weather. NO trailer trophies. NO female members. DFFD

Q. Does the club today allow whites? The original 1966 crew had whites in it.

A. lf SCD is in your heart this can/could be your club.

Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations

How you become hells angel nomad?

There is a lot of myth and misinformation out there.

NOMADS rocker indicates a loosely organized chapter that does not have a clubhouse. They do not "move around the country" and are not an "elite hit squad." They just tend to be spread out over a larger territory than a more centralized city chapter.

Other clubs may have another definition of "Nomad."

Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations

What motorcycle clubs let blacks join?

The Vagabonds Brisbane MC in Australia had one of there Original members Banger killed at Cunningham's Gap Qld in 1978. He was of Aboriginal Blood. R.I.P Banger. Head on with a car while racing down the range on his Norton Commando after leaving the Maryvalle Pub.The Helicopter Emergency Pad was put in shortly after on the range! The VAGABONDS still travel to they brothers site every year on his memorial date to stamp his memorial Plaque located at the accident site! VFFV

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What is the outlaws motorcycle club website?


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Where does the rough ryders' motto you knowcome from?

Simon George aka Brooklyn - Austin Texas President and former Texas State Rep from 2001-2011

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How did the Sturgis South Dakota Motorcycle Rally get started?

In began with a Sturgis Motorcycle Club called the Jackpine Gypsies that had been created by Clarence "Pappy"" Hoel who held the local Indian Motorcycle Franchise. The ""Black Hills Classic" first met in 1938 and has met since then with the exception of the World War II years when gasoline rationing was in effect.

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What cities have wheels of soul motorcycle clubs?

new york

Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations

What is the largest black outlaw motorcycle club?

Wheels Of Soul MC, though the highly tight-lipped Outcast MC with their "mother" chapter based out of Atlanta runs a close second to that.

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How did Sandy Alexander who was founder of New York City of Hell's Angels die?


Heart Disease in need of transplant.

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What does fully patched members in outlaws motorcycle clubs mean?

Loyalty, honor, brotherhood, family, justice, freedom,,, not in that order

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Who are the 13 original members of the pagans mc?

Only a Pagan could answer this question and a real Pagan would know not to answer it.

Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations
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Can anyone name all of the bikie gangs in Australia Life And Death Hells Angels Nomads Outlaws Outcasts commancheros Gypsy Jokers Black Ulans Vietnam vets Finks Phoenix 3rd Reich...?

These are some of the outlaw bikie gangs as well as some others, but cant identify all of them sorry. Hope this helps

Black Ulans - Coffin Cheaters - Gypsy Jokers - Fourth Reich - Finks - Comancheros - Highway 61 - Life & Death - Gladiators - Bandidos - Rebels - Hells Angels - Satans Soldiers - Lone Wolf - Odins Warriors - Club Derose - Devils Henchman - Nomads - Tramps & Vandiemans - Grave Diggers - Gods Garbage - Cossaks - Highway Men - Foolish Few - Immortals - Iron Horsemen - Renegades - Satans Sinners - Satans Riders - Outcasts - Bros - Idiots - Jafasr is Gay - Outlaws - God Squad - Patriot Guard Riders - Harley Owners Group - Dykes On Bikes - Blue Angels - Devils Diciples - Ghost Riders - Grim Reapers - Pagans - Road Knights - Warlocks - Joes Jokers - Declans Deciples.

Ulysses Club Inc is NOT an outlaw club. It is an incorporated motorcycle association for riders who are over 40 years of age. Please do not add Ulysses Club to this list again.

Blue Angels is a gay policemen group who wear there horse riding jodpers everywhere, not just sitting in their Highway Patrol cars

Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations
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Where is hells angel Sandy Alexander?

Sandy died in 2006. He fought a long and hard bout with cancer. He still lived in New York, and from my understanding had an apt in the bronx. RIP they dont make angels like him anymore.

Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations

What celebrities were in motorcycle clubs?

David Allan Coe(helped start the outlaw country generation) was in the Outlaws MC in the 70's

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What motorcycle clubs are in Dayton Ohio?

The Outlaws are the only MC in Dayton worth mentioning.

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Can there be two motorcycle clubs with the same?

The Vagabonds MC are in Australia, Belguim and were in Canada. None of these 3 are affiliated and all wear different patches. The Vagabonds in Australia travelled to Canada before 1978 and informed the Canadian Vagabonds club of its intent to use the name and members of the time became friendly with one another. Exchanging pictures and letters between members of those times. The Australian Vagabonds have also reached out to the Vagabonds located in Belguim. They are also on freindly terms with each other.


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