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The repossession field can be very rewarding and extremely lucrative once a clientele has been established. But there are some pre-qualifications to consider. Before launching a repo business, you should have some experience in property recovery, private investigation or tracing. A person wouldn't start a Plumbing business without knowing how to fix a leaky pipe. The same goes for the repo world. If you have the necessary experience, you first need to obtain the proper licensing. For instance, many states require that you obtain an auto repossession license before you perform these services. Check with your state's licensing board. From there, you will need to get up to speed on the legal aspects of the business. States vary, so again check with the appropriate people at your local, county or state government. You'll want to take care of registering your business name, forming the legal business entity (i.e. LLC, C-Corp, etc.) and filing any appropriate paperwork with the state. You should always consult with an attorney or tax adviser before choosing your corporate form. At this point, it's time to put together a cohesive business and marketing plan. Consider the markets you want to target, your overall budget, equipment needs, payment structure, etc. Once you've covered all of these steps, you're good to go. Get busy marketing and make lots of money!

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Q: How do you start a repossession business in Ohio do you have to have any license or bonds to get started?
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How to get Into the Bail Bonds Business?

With the economy in a down-turn, many are looking for a new business venture that will survive the recession. One industry that will never go out of business is corrections and criminal justice. But short of becoming a police officer or a judge, how can one break into this business and make money? One possibility is to open a bail bonds business. A bail bondsman is a person who will put up money (bail) for a defendant in a legal case and guarantee that they will be back in court for the trial. Sound interesting? Here are a few tips to get started in this potentially lucrative business:1) Understand the Legality: It is a little known fact that bail bonding is not legal in all states and it has strict regulations where it is. Check specific state laws before going any further in the business start-up process.2) Licensing: Most states require both a bonding license and a business license. These are two separate types of licenses that must be acquired in the right order. If the application for a business license is put in before the bonding license is granted, the business license will most likely be turned down. Getting proper legal help will usually prevent any issues in the licensing process.3) The Fugitives: Being a bail bondsman will mean dealing with the clients who choose to run. Because of this obvious hazard associated with the bail bonding business, at times it may be necessary to use the services of a bounty hunter. While this is expensive, it’s better than losing the entire bail on someone who chose not to show up to court.4) Marketing: There is a reason that so many bail bond offices are located near jails- that is there primary target audience. Being known around that community is the best way to get the business out there. Also, contact the local police station and get on their directory of bail bond offices- this will drum up a lot of business.Once you’ve got your license and you’re ready to go, find your location and get ready to start your new business. Good luck!

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