How do you stay away and forget the narcissist in your life?

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Can ex make you a narcissist?

You can become narcissistic afterwards, but you will not turn into a true narcissist. Stay away from him and go back to your family and hang around them for a while.

How do you get control and go back to no contact with the narcissist in your life?

Check with your therapist. Any answer we could give would be insulting, like "just stay away from...". We don't know the details, so we can't answer.

Can a narcissist get married?

Sure. The question is - does the spouse-wanna-be want to stay abused & miserable for the rest of their life.

If you go back to a narcissist how will they be able to idealise you and devalue again more so you have studied their behavior and have read about narcissism?

NO! it gets worse! get away - STAY AWAY!!

How do you control yourself to stay away from a persons life?

You just stay away from that person

How can you get over your narcissistic husband if he left and started a new life and you miss him so much?

remember how much of a pain he wasmissing your NarcissistStay away from him. NO contact. Contact with him is toxic - you will be swept into his hell again.

You have to negotiate with a narcissist to get something you really want from him so how best to approach him in order to get him to agree to what you want?

Well, I would stay away from a narcissist altogether. However, if you want something from them, the only way is to appear extremely weak and helpless to them, and flatter them like hell. You pretty much have to humiliate yourself to get anything out of them. That's why its best to just stay away.

What makes a narcissist stay in touch?

When they need something from you....

Would a narcissist need to be in a relationship all the time?

Pretty much - they need a worshipper & a scapegoat. Pathetic how they can't be alone so STAY AWAY from them!

Why do women stay with their narcissist?

Because the women are also narcissists.

Do narcissist stay angry?

all the flashes out of where it hides whenever any pressure or subject matter surfaces that attracts the narcissist.

You think that you are falling in love with your step cousin what do you do?

NO!!!!! DON'T DO IT!!!! Just stay away from him/her... cuz they're your RELATIVE! Forget it!

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What does it say about you if you are willing to stay with a narcissist?

u love playing second fiddle

Use the word narcissist in a sentence?

the narcissist prince prefered to stay single than to marry any princess of the world. ---- Samantha was such a narcissist that she thought herself more beautiful than any other girl in the world.

What happens when a perfectionist narcissist marries another narcissist?

Hell on earth! Stay clear! It's like putting 2 Pitt Bulls in a bag! Run! Marcy

What If I ask this guy out and he doesn't like me?

Stay cool and walk away. Respect yourself and forget him. if he says no, dont take it too personally.

Your ex told you to forget about her what does that mean?

Pretty much that she does not want anymore contact from you what so ever. to stay away and just leave her alone

Do narcissists ever forgive and forget a narcissistic injury?

No. Stay away from narcissists. They are not truly focussed on anything you did, bad or good. They are focussed only on what they want--and what they want is to be the center of attention at any price. It is very unlikely that you, or anyone else, created an unforgivable injury to a narcissist. At the same time, it is very likely that that narcissist will use anything you did, good, bad or indifferent, to manipulate you into doing more of whatever it is that he or she wants. Don't fall into it. Think of Admiral Ackbar: It's a trap! For real.

How can you forget your ex-girlfriend?

Don't call. Ignore them as much as possible. Stay away until you are ready to be around them without feeling anything for them.

Will a narcissist ever return to his former supply after she has been devaluated?

Yes. They will return for many years, to torture the devalued, if they can, especially if the narcissist is a psychopath. My ex-narcissist expressed it himself very well. He just said, "I am a very evil person, and I enjoy making people suffer." Basically he will return if he thinks he can get anything out of, sex, or a place to stay, for himself or his new girlfriend. And narcissists may alternate between vaulation and devaluation over and over, especially with people who cannot get away from him, such as blood relatives. If the person is currently useful to the narcissist, he will be valued. Once the narcissist is done, or if the person criticizes or tells the narcissist "no", they are devalued all over again.

Was suggested in one of your responses leave the narcissist out of your life - how can you do that when the person is your adult child?

You have a responisibilty as there parent to stay with them, research narcissism, dont take them seriously, and dont take the abuse personally.

How long does a felony conviction stay on your record in New York?

For life. It never goes away.

What does the saying scarred for life mean?

It means that the problem you had will always stay with you, it will never go away

What contributes to a healthy life style?

exercise,good eating habits, and stay away from stress!!!!!!