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Not sure if it's the same problem as my 93 GS, however I changed the PCV valve and that did it for me. About 12 bucks at Crappy Tire. or your local auto parts store.

2006-09-17 04:08:56
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When I was driving my Mazda 6 all the dash board lights came on and my car just stopped turned off?

sounds like an alternator problem

What is wrong with my 1991 Mazda 323 automatic it made a loud thunk then stopped driving there is no acceleration you push the gas pedal and the car doesn't move?

maybe the engine fell out

Why has Fan stopped working on Mazda 121?

it could be the fans motor

Who drives the Mazda rx7 on fast and the furious?

on fast and the furious Tokyo drift,Han was driving the Mazda rx7.

What car is Mary 7th heaven driving?

Mazda Miata.

Is a 1988 Mazda B2000 carburated?

Yes, all B2000 models until 89 where carbureted. After 89 Mazda stopped production in the United States on this model.

What is the most sold sports car?

Mazda Miata. Nearly a million have been sold.

What would cause my Mazda 3 to stall at stop lights?

This question actually refers to a Mazda "6" that stalls when in the stopped position. Sorry about the miss printed info.

How many mpg does the Mazda rx8 get?

The Mazda rx8 yields approx. 16mpg city, and 24highway. Driving habits will cause slight variation.

Where is the steering wheel for Mazda Protege 2003?

Directly in front of the driving seat.

What car was vin diesel driving fast and furious?

In fast and furious Vin Diesel was driving a red Mazda Rx-7

Why does Mazda 323 stall while driving?

when mine was doin that i cleaned the tank and let it sit for a couple days and changed the fuel filter which was stopped up. metal fuel tanks need to cleaned or replaced if any rust is visible...and fuel filters to....

What does it mean when the TCS light comes on driving down the road on the Mazda Milenia?

its for traction

Why is my 2000 Mazda 626 not blowing cold air when I'm stopped at a traffic light?

because you car is stupid

Cold Weather Hard start Mazda?

My 1999 Mazda 626 is hard to start any time but then we kick start it then it start fine and dies at any robot will I'm driving My 1999 Mazda 626 is hard to start any time but then we kick start it then it start fine and dies at any robot will I'm driving

What was the car commercial with a jingle that starts with the line Gina was a driving girl with geographic memory?

It was from a Mazda

1994 Mazda 929 doesnt idle properly?

I have a 1989 929, when its cold it runs real bad but once warmed up it has problems idleing, the car shakes and sometimes when stopped it stalls, mine is an auto, but when driving like on the highway it runs fine. Is your problem similar?

1994 Mazda B2300 backfires while driving what could this be?

It maybe a leak in the intake manifold gasket.

Mazda 626 throttles up and down at an idle and while driving?

throttle postioning sensor is bad

Your 1991 Mazda auto tranny stopped shifting completely all of a sudden why?

maybe low on fluid or strainer stoped up

Why does the Mazda 3 shake when stopped and in gear?

Sounds like the engine mounts might be failing and no longer damping engine vibration.

Where are solenoids on motor Mazda 3000 truck?

The solenoids on are located on top of the motor on a Mazda 3000 Truck. They open a number of different valves as needed depending on overall driving conditions.

Which cars seat 6 passengers?


What year they stop using rotary engines?

They have not stopped. Mazda still uses the NSU Wankel twin rotor engine to power the RX8.

How long did the Mazda company produce cars with a rotary engine?

The Mazda company produced rotary engine fitted cars from 1967 until the end of 2011. It was based on a design by Felix Wankel, a German engineer. The CEO of Mazda insists that rotary engine production has only been stopped temporarily.