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Hey John==Without knowing what you have, it is strictly guessing. Check the firing order. Make sure the compression is ok on the engine. GoodluckJoe

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:20:21
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Q: How do you stop a car from backfiring?
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How do you prohibit a car from backfiring?

Backfiring is a sign of improper ignition timing.

How do you stop backfiring on a car?

Backfiring it normally caused by a car that is very badly out of time. It can also be caused by the spark plug wires being connected incorrectly. Switching to a higher octane will not help at all.

How to stop backfiring?

The best answer for this is: Get a tune-up.

How do you stop a 1968 Dodge 318 motor backfiring?

If it is backfiring the timing is set incorrectly or the spark plug wires are not connected in the correct order.

Is a backfiring car more likely to breakdown?

yup it is more likely to break down well if its backfiring that's not good that can mean there is some seriuos internal problems

Car is a laser If the car is backfiring and not starting y wont it start?

sounds like you need a tune-up

Will your car stall out if the timing is off?

Sure can. Backfiring and very poor performance as well

Would adding oil treatment to a car cause it to backfire?

Backfiring is a timing issue.

How do you stop a motorcycle from backfiring?

Rev the engine six or seven times before coming to a complete stop. Rev it all the way to the edge every time you stop.

What can stop a motorcycle from backfiring?

well if its a 2 stroke it needs new reeds if not, your timing is prolly off a bit

How do you stop a four stroke dirt bike engine from backfiring?

More than likely you have a exhaust leak.Check the headpipe seal

You have a 1999 Toyota Camry that won't start and the car keeps backfiring What could be the problem?

I would suspect it is not timed correctly.

Does Engine Additive stop a 2001 Neon from sputtering and backfiring?

NO, but a good tuneup will probably cure your problems. There is no cure in a can for the symptoms you list.

What does backfiring mean?

"Backfiring" is the present participle of the verb "backfire", to fail in a manner to bring about further misfortune.

How do you stop backfiring in a 1980 350 truck engine?

Backfiring is caused by incorrect timing, or plug wires installed incorrectly which messes up the firing order. Make sure your plug wires are installed correctly. Can also be caused by an overly rich fuel air mixture.

Why is your lawn mower backfiring?

If it is backfiring only when you kill the engine, allow the engine to idle a few minutes before you kill it. If it is backfiring while in use, check the intake gasket and bolts for wear or looseness.

How can you stop a kohler engine from backfiring?

if it only backfires when shutting off, usually this means its getting to much gas!! if it backfires will running adjust carburater.

What makes a car stop?

The braking system makes a car stop.

Where should you stop your car when apporaching a stop sign?

You should stop your car just before the line, ensuring that no part of your car crosses it.

Should you stop the car engine when you are at a stop sign?

If by "stop the engine", you mean turn the car off, then the answer is NO!

Can a motorcycle stop as soon as a car can?

Motorcycles can stop faster than a car

What force causes a car to stop?

Rolling friction causes a car to stop.

What are the causes of a 1974 Mercedes 230 car backfiring?

it is mostly the timing off or the carburater needs adjusted.or the petrol filter requires replacing [at fuel pump]

How do you solve backfiring?

To prevent backfiring make sure the belt is tight and in good working order. Also clean the air filters regularly.

How do you know if your crank shaft sensor is bad?

One symptom of a bad crank shaft sensor is the car having trouble starting. The car stalling and backfiring are other symptoms of a bad crank shaft sensor.