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How do you stop a deep tooth infection from getting deeper before it hits the nerve?


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2015-07-15 19:09:07
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We have experienced infection in teeth several times in our family and we use Colloidal Silver (500 ppms -- important!) both internally and topically. My mother was told about 3 years ago that she needed a root canal. She was in great pain. We used the Silver and the tooth was saved and she has not had the root canal. I have saved my own teeth with Silver several times. As I write, I have some kind of large swelling on my gum -- on the bone. I'm here looking for information, but I know what I will do already and that is use the Silver first. A root canal is the last choice for me as I have three of them and they cause me daily trouble. In fact, the swelling is just above a tooth that had a root canal.

Colloidal Silver is very dangerous.


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Leprosy is most common treatable infection, which causes sensory nerve damage.

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