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How do you stop a girl fancying you if you are a girl?

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Tell her your not llez or tell her your a man

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Why would a guy stop fancying the girl they used to like?

Well maybe the girl changed a lot, or maybe the guy is shallow and the girl gained a few pounds. A lot of guys are shallow like that.

How do you stop a boy fancying your friend?

sleep with him straight away and brag about how good he was to his parents

How can you stop fancying your teacher?

Think about all the other old teachers and imagine them naked lol

How do you use the word fancying in a sentence?

The dog was always fancying himself

How do you now when your boyfriend is cheting on you?

See if he flirts with another girl, or if there are rumors going round about him fancying another person, ask him about it!

Is ashfur from warriors a boy or girl?

ashfur from warrior cats is a boy even though some people say hes a girl and that hes in love with scourge hes not and hes also not a boy fancying boy cat.( :

How can i stop fancying my 2 science teachers?

you should point out in your head all the bad points about them and very time you see them say those words in your head

How can you stop fancying this boy?

Discover something about him that drives you crazy, like when he always talks about one thing, or when you saw him pick his nose! If that doesn't work... you have got it bad!

What is wrong with fancying your sister inlaw?

She's not available.

What do you do when the guy you fancy is going out with your best friend this guy knows I fancy him and is a jerk to me but I cant stop fancying him?

Try to convince yourself he's not worth it. Find someone new.

What is another word for liking?

Loving, admiring, fancying, adoring.

How do you make someone stop fancying you?

well all i had to do was start seeing someone else! it depend if u are actually with this person or not... if not meet someone else and ignore the person who fancies u, dont return their calls if they see u in the street tell them your in a rush and leave. if u are with this person when u are around him dont be the one to start a conversation, make it awkward, jst mumble 2 yourself and when they ask u what u said just stare them in the eyes and say nothing!! lots of little things to make yourself distant! Well, firstly if it is a boy fancying a girl. or a girl fancying a boy then basically tell them that you are gay. It is the only way in reality, and then just pretend to kiss your best friend, or pinch their bum, and trust me they will never lay eyes on you again! Believe me, i have tried it. x

How to stop a girl from flirting with another?

with another girl ? Why would you want to stop that

What do you do if you like a guy but he doesn't like you?

if he said that he doesn't like you then you most likely have been coming off really strong and its best to leave him alone but if you re guessing then you have a chance just joke around with him and have a laugh with him but if you heard he likes someone that's not you then relax anybody has crush he get over it just be nice to him because then it could make it more likely that he would stop fancying her soon and start fancying you.

What is the difference between liking someone and fancying someone?

its a difference because when you like some body u have a special connections with them u like something about them. as of when u fancying about some one u only think of what u would like to do with them!!

How do you stop a girl from lying on me and i'm not with the girl?

The girl most likely enjoys being with you, but if you don't want it and feel uncomfortable, tell her to stop doing it and if she doesn't stop, ignore her.

Why would a guy stop fancying the girl they used to like a lot and start flirting with other girls?

I believe that all men and also some woman, have trouble expressing their affectionate feelings towards the person they truly adore. Your question was, "Why would a guy stop fancying the girl they used to like a lot and start flirting with other girls?" and here is your answer... This guy is obviously not worthy of dating. If he truly took your feelings into consideration and not just his own selfishness, he would have never done that. Men you see, don't always think with their head upstairs, and usually after they've tested the waters with these girls that they are pursuing, they come crawling right back to you for forgiveness, which evidently, isn't always a reassuring thing. So just be careful with this "guy" don't put too much trust into him, if he comes crawling back. Hope this helps you. :)

What is Te Amo by Rihanna about?

It's about a lesbian fancying rihanna but rihanna doesn't love her back.

Does cheryle Cole fancy William?

No! He has spoken openly about fancying her but cheryl has insisted they are just friends

How do you get a girl to stop ignoring you?

kiss her... she'll have to stop ignoring you then

How do you STOP being a tomboy?

To stop being a tomboy you have to either turn into a girly girl, or be a regular girl. You have to stop wearing boy clothes, wear makeup (if you want to), and start being a girl again.

Why a girl stop talking to a boy?

the girl lost intrest

I feel like i only fancy this boy for the sake of fancying some one but i cant stop thinking about him even though im going out with someone else i like what do i do Help me?

break up wit yo boyfriend to aviod cheatin

What does it mean when a girl won't stop bothering you?

When a girl wont stop bothering you it probably means she likes you,or is trying to flirt with you.

What if you are dating a girl but want another girl?

Be honest and stop seeing her.