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How do you stop a loud squeak when you start your car?

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the belts need to be tighten at the certain point. Therefore,you need to find the belt tensioner to a adjust the loose belt. The reason is when the belt slips on the pulley, it will makes the sqeaky sound. Goodluck to locate the belt tensioner to adjust it.

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What does a car run like if it is out of oil?

it doesn't.More accurate answerThe engine will very quickly: Start rattlingStart a loud knockingIt may make a loud squeak noise and stopIt may make a loud bang noise and stop

What are the signs that power steering pump is out?

There is a loud squeak noise and it is hard to turn your car.

Loud squeak at back left of car?

Inspect the shock, and springs. Can also be worn brake pads/shoes if you hear this when braking.

What causes a car to vibrate when at stop light?

loud, and shety muffler

Why does your car squeak when you stop at red lights?

Could be from cracked or glazed brake pads or shoes. Have them safety inspected.

How do you tell when to replace brakes?

you can tell when your breaks start to Squeak or the car wont slow down when turning

What needs to be changed on a 98 town car to stop a squeak when the car bounces and shocks have already been replaced?

sounds like ball joints

Your car makes a very loud squeak when you make slight turns?

possibly a power steering belt or worn brake rotor pad . i suggest buying a ford.

Why is car making a loud screeching noise when starting car or when idle or at stop lights?

you have a bad alternater or belt

Your stater makes a very loud screeching noise when you start it your car is a 91 olds cutless surprem?

why does my starter make a loud screeching noise when i start it?

What are some features that you want to look for in a car alarm?

a loud alarm and one that wont let the car start is good.

Why does your car squeak when you turn your wheel?

ball joints

Car won't start loud fast clicking noise?

A loud fast clicking noise is usually indicative of a low battery or a loose cable.

How loud is an F1 car?

its very loud

Squeaking from front of car when the care is moving?

Does the squeak stop when you apply brakes? If so could be wear sensors on brake pads indicating that they are worn and need replacing

Why does your car make a loud cracking sound after you start it?

because the gears are grinding together if its an old car it will make a louder crack sound

Loud screeching noise when you turn the key to start your car?

most likely a loose or worn belt.

How do you know when the fuel pump is gone in your car?

it'll start whinnin and car will start missin little. for the most part when you turn your key to on position if your pump is runnin loud get it checked.

Car's starter makes a very loud high pitched whirring noise and does not start the car and does not stop the noise until you disconnect the battery even when you remove the key from the ignition help?

Starter relay is broken

Would a bad starter cause a 1995 Toyota Camry to have a loud idle and now car wont start at all?

Loud idle? no, not turn over ,yes

How loud is your car without a muffler?

very loud

What causes the car to squeak when driving and the road is rough - does not squeak when raining only dry conditions?

The car may need new brakes or tires because they might be wearing down.

Why does my car make a loud tractor type noise when accelerating and when I start my car it is also slow to accelerate?

Sounds like your ignition timing is off.

Can you drive a car with a frozen ac clutch?

no because you need the clutch to start and stop the car

Why does your car rattle and squeak?

It is most likely that the cars brakes are bad.