How do you stop being a bully?


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You don't have a clue whats going on in that persons life! a divorce? someone died? spouse dumped them... What people do to you is their karma. How you react is yours

You can stop being a bully by asking friends to watch you and let you know if they see you bullying someone. That way, you will be able to recognise what you are doing that makes you a bully.


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a bully is someone that picks on you everyday it can be verbal physical and cyber and the one person that can stop it forever is you by ignoring the rude things they are doing to you because they are a waste of your time

You should speak to an adult about being bullied because you are an emo. Usually speaking with a teacher or parent will help to stop the bully from continuing to bully you.

If someone is being bullied and wants to make the bullying stop, there are several things to try. They can report the bully to the police. They can also use a weapon to intimidate the bully.

You can not be a bully by being kind to people and thinking about others and for people who get bullyd dont be afraid to tell the bully to stop but dont say it ina mean way or else your the bully you could also ask them hoe they feel.

If you dont be silent and tell the teachers then the bully wont bully you anymore!:)

what peoples should known about bully is stop bully examples the peoples who bully if peoples do that to you you will not liked so bully have to stop because a lot of kids kill them self because of bully.

just say there is no point being a bully

If you have a friend that is being bullied dont just stand around.Tell the bully to stop bulling your friend. If that does not work tell an adult that your friend is being bullied.

some one is being mean to you do something back like be mean to them or stop them and it depends on is it a bully your brother or sister

when you bully a bully. Practicing a martial art could stop them from bullying as well. they'll get scared

If you're the one being bullied, then you could laugh at it,and make a joke out of it. You could also ignore them and just walk away. If you're watching someone being bullied, then you could help the victim, you can try to comfort the victim and ask the bully to stop. Sometimes you don't even have to speak, just stand next to the victim and stand up to the bully. But be careful, you wouldn't want to bully the bully.Stop Bullying Now!!!

Ways to stop a bully from bullying you 1. Say so what? And walk away. 2. Tell a teacher principle or trusted adult 3. Ignore the bully 4. Do NOT fight back 5. Tell him to stop

Bully can be stop by asking them few question. It this what you will do for you future to be better

if my friend was being cyber bullied i would tell them to tell the bully to stop it. if the bully did not stop it then i would tell my friend to go to the police because the bully is commiting a crime. its always best to tell a trusted adult I would just tell them to block the person and not even talk to them. If they keep bothering her or him, then you tell the police.

Most of the time parents and elders call this behaviour as being "bully". e.g.: hey, stop that...leave the kid alone, don't be such a bully..

you think about it. was someone being mean to you? did they cyber bully, phically bully, or verbally you?

If you don't stop a bully the person being bullied is going to get really hurt bad. You should go tell an adult near by!

You should stick up for the person who was picked on! We're all different and none of us like being bullied, so I recommend is: At first, don't straight up tell the bully to stop. Go to the person who is being picked on, smile at them and offer them a hand and walk away somewhere else (I guess this could depend on what age you are, but if this has something to do with someone older then just gently pull the person away and walk off somewhere else with them and talk about it.) If the bully continues to.. bully, then make sure you get the bully to stop. Ask them to stop and if it doesn't work, rally up some friends to help you tell them to stop (which normally works, bullies are usually scared of a group of people telling them to stop) or get a person of authority involved.

It doesn't. The bully wears the same thing, SO WHAT IS TO BULLY?!

you can stop bullying in schools by telling an adult and ignoring the bully.

If you are being bullied mildly, confront the bully and don't show fear. If they know your scared then they will just laugh at you. Also, If it is very bad, tell a parent, teacher, or someone that has authority over the bully. Sometimes being by several people keeps the bully away. Just remember that you aren't the only one getting bullied and don't feel bad about yourself either; the bully probably has a bad home life and/or wants to feel appreciated and noticed. (=

There haven't been any reports of there being an Ant Bully 2. The movie Ant Bully was released in 2006.

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