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How do you stop fog on car windows?


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Usually it helps to heat the windows up using the heater in the car, depending on if the air inside the car is hotter or colder then the air outside of it.


stop making out in your car!! serouly, sometimes your heater core goes out and starts fogging you windshild but does not dump water if you need to fill your antifreeze regularly it may be a heater core other wise #1 is a good an


you can make your own antifogging glass cleaner by mixing 1 part vinegar with 3 parts water and mist on glass this also helps to reduce ice build up outside vehicles it really works.

windows will fog up if you are using recirculated air make sure you are taking in fresh air thru the vent Actually, while running the defrost, press the A/C switch. This will clear your windows in a matter of 10-15 seconds. Rain-ex makes an anti-fogging product.


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get a girl. get busy. TADA!! fog :)

water droplets expand when they hit the window of the car

well it could be because of the heat. if its cold out and you have the heat on in the car, then you will get hot and that will cause the window to fog.

Fog forms on bathroom mirrors and car windows when the water vapor in the air condenses on the glass. This is due to the temperature difference between the glass and the air.

moisture from your breathing for example condensing on the cold glass

It is called condensation, warm and humid inside, cooler outside.

When the windows begin to fog, the physical change is: condensation of water vapor.

Windows fog because the glass is cold and the humidity is high inside the car. It has nothing to do with the age of the car. Try turning the fan up to circulate the air better, and if that doesn't work, turn the AC on -- but turn the heat up so it doesn't get cold. That will do it for sure.

Not using bright lights, turning off music/radio so you can hear traffic at intersections, opening windows at intersections, getting fog lights on the car, and using only low beans on the car.

Well there is an easy way and a hard way, first, you could only do whatever it is you are up to in the winter, it will be colder and when you blow on the windows mist or fog comes up, or you could boil a kettle in their. Hope you got a backseat and a boyfriend or a girlfriend ; )

Two people, breathing heavily. There's a lot of water vapor in your breath, and when two people are going at it they breathe a lot more causing more water. If it's cold outside, the windows fog up like crazy.

No the blend door not functioning will not cause fog; it may however prevent the windows from being defogged or defrosted. If the widows only fog up when the defroster is on, then you either have a coolant leak in the heater core or your air conditioner compressor isn't working (the AC is used to dry the air when the heat is on).

Rub them with soap then clear the soap of with a cloth or paper this will reduce the amount it wil fog in the future as well.

Fog is fine particles of condensed water vapour in the air. These particles reduce visibility similar to dirt on windows and car windshields.

Fog appears on bathroom mirrors like how your hot breath appears on glass when you breathe on it. The hot vapor in the air mixes with cool glass and fog appears. In other words, water vapor condenses on a smooth, cold surface creating condensation (steam).

"Fog" generally is composed of tiny droplets of water condensed from moist air as it cools. In a car it refers to the water condensed onto the cold windows. Warming the air and glass re-evaporates the water.

yes because the battery is what helps the car power most of the car.

It will fog up with moisture, the inside windows in the car, also accompanied with the sweet odor of coolant.

yes. they are part of car so need to be included in the MOT. If your driving in fog you need to use fog lights, so they need to be in working order.

Fog lights are low lights on the car that provide greater road visibility in poor lighting conditions such as fog, rain or snow. They are not generally frequently used and are not statutorily required in some countries.

they lick their eyeballs. the do this for the same reason you would wipe your car windows in the rain. When their eyes fog up or get dirty, the lick them like a windshield wiper

It depends if you let it in. Thick fog, doors and windows open? It'll get a little misty. Otherwise, realistically it can but you don't see it.

It is important to know the locations of the relays and the fuses in a car. The fog light fuses for this car are located in the interior fuse box of the car.?รฆ

If the power windows in a car are only going up an inch at a time, the motor may be going out. You need to take the car to get serviced before the windows completely stop working.

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