How do you stop some one harassing you having told someone its all over and dont want to see them how can they be stopped from phoning texting and comiing to the house its very worrying?

This is a hard one as its always difficult to finally say goodbye. The best thing to do is next time the person is outside your house, phoning or texting you, say in a calm and understanding matter "I don't want to know anymor, please delete my number and move on".

If you say this in an angry or aggressive manner, this just gives the person fuel to keep chasing you or trying to get a bigger reaction from you. Make it sound serious but in a nice manner. I am being bothered myself by my Ex. It doesn't help that we both like Car shows and have a keen passion of cars. We see each other several times a year at the shows but it always ends in agro as I now take my new fella - which of course my ex doesn't like. But don't let someone control you. Enjoy yourself, go to the places you want to go and don't try threatening them with the Police, as that usually never works. They will just keep pushing to see if you have the balls to walk into that Police station and by then, it becomes serious!! Honestly, eye contact, a calm manner and "I seriously dont want to know anymore" usually works!! Hope this helps