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By having the problem repaired. Take it to a professional, as you have a transmission problem.

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Q: How do you stop the overdrive light form flashing on a 2001 Eddie Bauer?
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Overdrive light stays on in ford excursion?

overdrive light keeps flashing

My ford explorer limited 1995 overdrive off light keeps flashing you can turn the overdrive on and off but the light keeps flashing is there some way to turn it off?

The overdrive off light flashing - indicates a malfunction has been detected

Why is your overdrive light flashing on your shifter?

Because you turn on the light

What do you do about the flashing overdrive light that comes on while you are driving in your 1996 ford explore Eddie Bauer?

My 1998 explorer 5.0 did the same thing, i noticed the light flashing, then noticed that it hadnt shifted into overdrive. so i pressed the overdrive button *located on the end of shifter* it then shifted into overdrive and the light shut off. This happens easily, the button is very sensitive, the slightest touch even from shifting from Park to Drive can activate it. The button is for towing or hauling so you will substain torque and speed. hope this helps, write back if you still need help.

Why is your overdrive light flashing on my 02 expedition?

because it doesnt like you guys

2003 Crown Vic flashing overdrive light?

A malfunction has been detected

What will fix the overdrive light from flashing between 1 and 2 gear shift?

what will fix the overdrive light from flashing in a 1996 mercury grand marquis its a gear ratio problem between 1 and 2 shift

95 ford probe the overdrive blue light on the dash will NOT go off or re-set open start?

What can be the problem with the overdrive light flashing on and off?

Overdrive light off flashing in ford mustang 2000?

A malfunction has been detected

Why is the overdrive off light flashing in your 1999 Mercury Mystique?

A malfunction has been detected

Ford expedition overdrive light flashes?

There may be a reason why a Ford Expedition's overdrive light is flashing. Check the manual to see if there is a reason. If not, take your Ford to a mechanic.

How do you correct a flashing overdrive dash light on a Ford Crown Victoria 2001?

blinking overdrive light indicates a transmission problem. take car to a transmission mechanic

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