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The first thing you need to do is remove the outer panel of the dashboard that surrounds the radio. This varies from year to year, but you'll find that there are some lag screws around the bottom panel. You may need to pop off some plastic trim to get at these screws. Once you've got the panel off, you need to pop out the radio. This can be done with the Ford radio removal tool (which costs money) or with a DIY device made by cutting a wire coat hanger and shaping two "U" type tools (which is free). Slide them in the holes (2 on each side) and put slight outside pressure on the tools and the factory radio will slide right out. Disconnect the wiring assembly and the antenna cable, and you have a clean slot, ready for your next head unit assembly. The radio removal tool may also come with some new stereos or installation kits specific to Ford Vans.

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2008-01-19 15:45:25
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Q: How do you swap a factory amfmcass stereo in a Ford E150?
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