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How do you take a cylinder head out of an 1994 Geo Tracker?


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2007-04-03 14:39:13
2007-04-03 14:39:13

I recommend you get a service manual; the one the dealer techs use not Chilton, etc.. Ebay usually have these for the specific year. If you are going to do any work on your car you will need the service manual. The head can be removed after you remove the intake and exhaust manifolds, valve cover,head bolts (the 16v engine requires some of the rocker arms be removed to get to the head bolts). The service manual will give a step by step procedure.


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Under the cylinder head. you have to take the head off to find it.

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yes the 94 tracker hardtop will fit the 93 tracker, they are interchangeable from 1989 to 1998 you also can put a hardtop on a tracker that has a soft top(take soft top off first)

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It depends on the type of motorcycle. Dirt bike, cruiser, sportbike? 2-stroke or 4-stroke? theres only one way to take off the cylinder can take off the cylinder and the head together but it wou be much easier taking off the head first

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take out the cylinder head bolts

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On the drum there is 2 threaded holes. Take 2 bolts and thread them into the holes, until the cover comes off.

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