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How do you take a supercharger pulley out?


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This all depends on what type of supercharger it is. If you have an Eaton supercharger it is possible that it might be a pressed on pulley. If this is the case then you will need a pulley puller. If the supercharger is a Vortech, Paxton, or ProCharger they all use key ways. So all you need to do is take the bolt off and the pulley might come off. Some times the pulley will not slide off so a pulley puller will work. Or you can heat up the shaft which will cause the pulley to expand and it will then slide right off. DO NOT use a screw driver or any force to pry it off. This can cause damage to the bearings.


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Go to and you will be able to rent a pulley puller do not use a regular pulley puller they. It is about 30 bucks to rent. It will take about an hour to do

A supercharger is controlled by its pulley size. The smaller the supercharger drive pulley is, the higher in boost pressure you will see. Now if you go with a larger crank pulley, this too will cause you to see more boost. So, in all honestly, the only way to really over boost your supercharger is when you mess around with the pulleys.

no you cannot intercool a neuspeed supercharger, a supercharger runs on a pulley not a pipe there is a way to cool them down but its pointless unless you have enough money to do so.

Yes! Thomas Knight at makes a supercharger for the LS. It's a real pulley driven unit.

A pulley on the end of the crankshaft, where you find the harmonic balancer on your vehicle.

Yes, but do not paint the groove where the belt runs. Use high heat paint.

You will need to remove the front engine cover, on your 1997 Pontiac Bonneville, in order to change the supercharger belt. Loosen the tensioner pulley to remove the belt.

== == it is a free pulley that works as a tensioner on any belt bolted to hold or spring loaded An idler pulley usually tensions a belt.. eg supercharger belt is kept taut by its respective idler pulley

These are pressed on pulleys so it is highly advised not to change out the pulley. Your safest bet is to purchase a whole nose cone that already has the pulley size that is needed. We have seen way too many nose drives ruin because people are attempting to use a pulley puller to take it off. Once it is off, you also need to repress it on.

You will need a supercharger pulley tool to do the job right so you dont risk damaging the shaft of the blower, companies such as zzperformance or intense racing have them available for purchase or just a one time rental

Do not spray any cem. into the supercharger. This will strip the teflon coating on the supercharger rotors. However you do need to change the oil out in the supercharger. There is a little plug located by the pulley. It is a hex bolt and you need to undo it and then suck the oil out of it. You will then need to fill the oil back up just below the plug. Make sure you use the special supercharger oil called. "Supercharger oil" from GM. Thank you, From

Next to the pulley that is on the supercharger is a little hex nut. Take this hex nut off and drain the oil by using something to suck it out. Once all of the oil is sucked out, use "GM Supercharger Oil" which is a special blend oil and fill it back up. Make sure you fill it up to about 1/4 inch below this hex nut.

A lot of factors effect boost.The most common is belt slippageBy pass valve is leakingHigher elevations will make you lose boost pressureEngine is running to lean or richSupercharger is being over spinned. (out of it's efficency)A larger supercharger drive pulley was added to the superchargerA smaller crank pulley was added to the engineTo much boost pressure for the by pass valve causing it to open up when you hit higer boost pressuresLeak in the ductingSupercharger is going badThose are just some of the more common reasons.

The smaller pulley spins the supercharger faster, thus creating greater boost and therefore more horsepower. Popular "sizes" are 15%, 17% and 19% reduction. The larger percentage reduction gives a greater boost. Some mechanics do not recommend the higher percentage pulleys.

Next to the pulley that is on the supercharger is a little hex nut. Take this hex nut off and drain the oil by using something to suck it out. Once all of the oil is sucked out, use "GM Supercharger Oil" which is a special blend oil and fill it back up. Make sure you fill it up to about 1/4 inch below this hex nut.

Could be the bearings/pulley. until you fix the issue you should remove the charger belt, so it doesn't get worse (blow the supercharger).

put a socket on the tensioner pulley and pull on it until there is slack then just slip it off.

There are a couple of ways. Changing the pulley size to a smaller supercharger pulley will increase the speed of the supercharger, giving you more boost. You can also go with a larger crank pulley and it will do the same thing. Please keep in mind that when you do this you are adding more air into the engine so you will need to add more fuel. Getting it tuned afterwards will be a great idea. You can also do a thing called "S Porting." This is basically porting out the supercharger and slightly modifing it so that the air flows smoother. Also you can just get it custom tuned. By putting your car on a dyno and having them adjust the air/fuel mixture and timing curves it will result in better performance and more HP Thank you, From

First you have to find a supercharger designed for your specific application. You take the old intake manifold off and install the supercharger. While somehow finding a belt that connects from the supercharger to the camshaft. Then reprogram the computer that controls the engine for the additional airflow.

You don't. It uses the same oil for lube as the engine. When you change the engine oil, you are changing the supercharger oil. * On the 92 PA ultra, The supercharger is sealed. The oil plug is next to the drive pulley, on the side closest to the firewall. Suck the old oil out with a turkey baster or similar, and refill with a high quality synthetic, or with GM specific Supercharger oil.

You would need to remove the pulley and place a smaller pulley on to make the supercharger turn faster and pump more air. This can be done to a point but if you go too small without doing alot of other modifications to the intake and exhaust you will burn up your motor in no time. Check out the following website. Read and learn from others mistakes. Hope this helps.

That is a major sign that the supercharger is going bad and will need a rebuild. Basically the seal is leaking from the front nose cone. The seal usually leaks when the bearings have gone bad. The two best options will to replace the front nose cone, or get a rebuilt supercharger. Once the oil starts to leak the bearings will have no oil and it will soon fail on you.

It could be the supercharger snout itselft. I just replaced mine because it was making a sort of knocking noise. I started out just hearing it at start up and turning it off. Mine runs like a champ now along with a smaller pulley and an exhaust job.

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