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How do you take care of cedar bushes?

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What is the best soil for a cedar bush in a pot

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Do you have to cover cedar bushes in the winter?

Cedar bushes are evergreens. They can survive extremely cold temperatures. Most do not need covered in the winter. Adding an extra layer of mulch can help to protect the roots.

Are there decorative bushes that are easy to take care of?

There are plenty of decorative brushes, and they can be very simple to take care of, but it's best to take a few minutes to learn how first.

Do cedar bushes attract bugs?

All plants attract bugs of some kind.

When should you get blueberry bushes?

You should get them in the early Spring take care of them, then they will be ready to be picked in the late Summers

What to do with cedar bushes that are very dry and are not responding to watering?

Their roots may be dying out or they may be in soil that has a drainage problem.

Why you should plant holly trees and bushes?

Planting holly bushes and shrubbery is always a good idea. Shrubs usually take very little special care to maintain, and they improve the appearance of any yard and home.

How much watering do cedar bushes require?

Soak thoroughly when first planted and then soak once a week throughout the growing season

How long does it take to get to Cedar Point from Cleveland?

It will take approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes. Cedar Point is about 62.5 miles from Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.

What should you take if you are allergic to cedar tree pollen?

Cedar Drops-But consult an allergist first

How long does it takes to get from Detroit to Cedar Point?

Detroit, MI to Cedar Point will take about 2 hours to drive. Cedar Point is about 119 miles away.

What time of year does one trim cedar bushes?

As a rule of thumb, most perenials need to be trimmed in the fall.( Just before they go dormant in the winter.)

How far is cedar point from Memphis?

Cedar Point to Memphis, TN is approximately 715 miles which will take about 11 hours to drive. Cedar Point to Memphis, MI is approximately 165 miles which will take about 3 hours to drive. Cedar Point to Memphis, NY is approximately 383 miles which will take about 6 hours to drive. Cedar Point to Memphis, IL is approximately 348 miles which will take about 5 hours and 40 minutes to drive.

Are there any lawn services in New Hampshire that also trim rose bushes?

Yes services such as Ekstrom Lawn Care LLC trim rose bushes. But for others and more specific plants you may have to contact your local lawn care providers.

What is the collective nouns for bushes?

The collective nouns for bushes are: A clump of bushes A thicket of bushes A row of bushes A hedge of bushes.

Who is the first holly custodian?

Adam. There were some nice holly bushes in Eden. He took care of them.

How much money did it take to make the Gatekeeper at Cedar point?

It was $30 Million dollars to make the Gatekeeper at Cedar Point.

What is the collective noun for bushes?

The collective nouns for bushes are:a clump of bushesa thicket of bushesa row of bushesa hedge of bushes

Give three examples of angiosperms and gymnosperms?

Pine, spruce and cedar trees are some examples of gymnosperms. Apple trees, lilac shrubs and rose bushes are examples of angiosperms.

Is cedar the same as cedar wood?

Cedar wood is the wood of the Cedar.

How far is it from Chicago to cedar point?

Chicago to Cedar Point is 295 miles. That will take about 4 hours and 40 minutes to drive.

How much snow does it take to close Cedar Rapids schools?

a ton, i don't even know what cedar rapids school is, soz

How do you get rid of caterpillars on rose bushes?

take it with a stick and throw it away

How many days will it take to grow a cedar tree?

The answer depends on how high/tall/mature you want the cedar tree to be. A seedling may take a few months. A 20-feet tall tree may take years.

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