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I have 6 dwarf hamsters and they all are happy so this is what you do:

1. clean their cage once every two weeks

2. dont let them get very hungrey

3.always must have water

4.give them a treat (carrot) every friday

5.check if the tail is wet if it is take it to your vetatarian

6.a pregnant hamster must give birth alone but the male may stay with her leave her till her litter has fur and start to eat seeds to you hamster softly and play with them love them and care for them!

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โˆ™ 2009-04-21 11:09:16
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Q: How do you take care of dwarf hamsters?
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How do you care for baby dwarf hamsters?

If the baby dwarf hamsters still have a mother, the best thing to do is to just let them be and not handle them. Also make sure the mother has enough food and water so she can take care of her babies.

Can dwarf hamsters take a bath?


Are big hamsters easier to care than dwarf hamsters?

i don't think so it depends on how u treat the hamster but it is a little harder to take care of the dwarf hamster because it doesent eat too much and if you over feed it it can die.

Are roborovski hamsters and dwarf hamsters the same?

Roborovski dwarf hamsters are a type of dwarf hamster. 'Dwarf hamsters' is a subspecies in hamsters. Types of dwarf hamsters are: campbell's, roborovski, chinese.

Do dwarf hamsters take baths?

No showers

What kind of hamsters are there?

There are Syrian Hamsters (the most common type), Dwarf Russian Campbells Hamsters, Dwarf Russian Winter White Hamsters, Dwarf Roborovski Hamsters, and Dwarf Chinese Hamsters.

How do dwarf hamsters take a bath?

They clean themselves.

How do you fix a dwarf hamsters broken leg?

talk to the vet about hamster care.

What other hamsters can go with Asian dwarf hamsters?

Only if it is a dwarf with a dwarf

Where would you find information on dwarf hamsters?

Dwarf hamsters are widely known for their suitability as pets, and information about them can be found at the websites Russian and Dwarf Hamsters, Dwarf Hamster Facts, and WikiHow, while Wikipedia also offers an in depth description of the fluffy creatures. For facts and information on the dwarf hamster in person, a trip to Petco should give you all you need to know about dwarf hamsters and how to care for them.

Why do dwarf hamsters vomit?

5 words take them to a vet!!!!

Are Chinese dwarf hamsters friendly to other hamsters?

Male Chinese dwarf hamsters can be mixed with male Chinese dwarf hamsters. Female Chinese dwarf hamsters are often not friendly to other Chinese dwarf hamsters. DO NOT MIX HAMSTERS OF DIFFERENT BREEDS, it could result in the death of one hamster

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