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Hopefully your camera has a setting to adjust your picture quality or resolution. If not, you will have to use image editing software to correct the pictures.

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Q: How do you take digital photos with specific size and resolution?
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How many photos can a digital camera take?

It depends on the size and resolution of the images, as well as the storage capacity of the memory card.

How do you compress digital photos from 670 mb to minimum size so that i can mail photos?

You should use an image converter to bulk reduce the image resolution of your images and then send them. See the related question for more details.

How many pictures do most digital photo frames hold?

The amount of photos that a digital photo frame can hold depends upon the size of its memory card as well as the resolution of the photos. A professional grade photo is often somewhere around 3 megabytes, with lesser quality photos ranging down to only a fraction of that. The majority of digital photo frames currently range from 512MB up to 1GB (1,000MB) or 2GB (2,000MB). Dividing the number of megabytes the frame can hold by 3 will tell approximately how many professional-grade photos the frame will hold. If the photos are of lesser quality, the fram may be able to hold thousands of photos.

How many photos can 160GB hold?

Depends on the size of the photo. A reasonable size is about 1-3MB this will give good resolution on a reasonable sized print. 3MB is about the best resolution you get on a good monitor. So between 50 and 160 thousand photos. Some cameras can take up 12 megapixel shots this is about 12MB per shot with this you would get about 13,000 photos.

How many photos will a 256mb memory device hold?

It depends upon the quality of the photos - the higher the resolution the fewer the pictures. If each photo were 1 MB in size, the device would hold about 256 photos.

How many high resolution photos can a flash drive hold?

The number of high resolution photos a flash drive can hold depends on two things:The size of a high resolution photo - these can vary depending on camera and settingThe size of the flash drive, which can range from 1 GB to 32 GB or more

What is the best mega pixel size for digital pictures?

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How many photos can 8 GB SD card hold?

It would depend on the resolution of the photograph, but a few thousand photos. A "high resolution" photo on your iPhone or modern Android phone will take about 2MB in size, so 4000 such pictures would fit on an 8GB card.

What size memory should I look for in a digital picture frame?

Any digital picture frame with over 2 GB of memory should be fine for several hundred photos.

How many pictures can you take with 3 MP?

Depends on the resolution you have the camera set at and the size memory card. 40 MB will hold aound 26 photos at best resolution on a 3.0 MP camera.

How do you take a digital photo with a specific size and resolution?

A:Normally a camera will have options of selecting image size in MPs (10MP, 5MP etc.). That is the count of total pixels in the resulting image and is normally termed as resolution. Actual image size in inches (for lab quality print at 300DPI) is approx. 8"x10" for 7MP resolution. One should take photos at highest resolution possible. These can always be downsized if required, but upsizing of smaller resolution image) won't be that effective. A:Depends on your camera, but using the different features like fine, auto, compact, will all change the size. You can also just simply open a digital photo in Adobe Photoshop and resize to any size. One more option is to open it on your computer (if you use WindowsXP) and go to print and it will resize it for you. That is best done is photo software, such as Photoshop or GIMP. You can set your particular image size. In your camera, you should use the max settings, since that image is basically your "negative."A:You can do many tricks with digital images but the one thing you can't do is add resolution to a photograph after it has been taken. This is the main thing you have to make sure is right beforeyou take the next photograph with your digital camera.example:Print size: 6" x 4" or 7" x 5"Digital image: 1800 x 1200 to 2100 x 1500 (2.2 mega-pixels to 3.2 mega-pixels)

Can you print digital camera photos at home?

Yes, you can print digital camera photos at home. To do so you need a cord from your digital camera to hook up to the computer, some sort of photo printing software that will allow you to change the size and quality of the photo, as well as a good color printer. Step by step instructions can be found at this good informative website:

What resolution images are needed for a digital camera print?

It all really depends what size of digital print you are wanting to make. The larger the print the higher the resolution needs to be so that the image is not fuzzy. I would visit and read the tutorial about how the resoultion of your digital images affects image quality when printing.

By what means do digital cameras reproduce images?

Digital cameras have no film but operate using a sensor chip and flash memory. Chip size affects the resolution of the picture and the hues and intensities of colors.

How many photos can you store in 2 gigabytes?

It depends on the size & resolution of photographs or images with relation to extention like .jpg,.jped,.png ETC.

What does resolution mean computer system?

Resolution is the screen size (monitor). There are different types of monitors which are different size screens (resolution).

Definition of spatial resolution?

Spatial resolution refers to the size of the smallest object that can be resolved on the ground. In a digital image, the resolution is limited by the pixel size, i.e. the smallest resolvable object cannot be smaller than the pixel size. The intrinsic resolution of an imaging system is determined primarily by the instantaneous field of view of the sensor, which is a measure of the ground area viewed by a single detector element in a given instant in time. This resolution can often be degraded by other factors which introduce blurring of the image. such as improper focusing, atmospheric scattering and target motion. The pixel size is determined by the sampling distance

How do you reduce MB from any photos?

Using a photo editor, reduce both the size and resolution. A web-ready photo does not need to be at highest resolution; it should also be under 50k in size. There are many free photo editors online, plus Windows might come with a free editor.

How many photos will a 2gb memory card hold from a 12 mega pixel camera?

It depends on the file format and resolution of the photos. Photos are usually stored in the .jpeg file format. If so, a 12 mega pixel photo has a size of 3-4 mb and a 2gb card can approximately hold 500-650 photos.

How can you calculate the resolution?

divide size in pixels with size in inches for width or height of photo and you will get resolution

How many photos shot in RAW plus jpg will your 16GB iPad2 hold?

It depends on the resolution of the camera, as well as the subject. Every JPG file is a different size.

How do you change high resolution pictures into low resolution?

The best way to decrease the resolution of digital artwork is to open it with Adobe Photoshop. Then go to the top of the screen and click Image > Image Size > and change the number in the box labeled "resolution." Be sure that "Resample Image" is checked so that it will discard the extra resolution, rather than reallocating it. Then Save As, and you're done.

What is the required size for passport photos?

The required size for passport photos is 2X2 inches or 51X51 millimeters. If the photos are not this size the passport cannot be completed and you will have to take new photographs of yourself.

How can one prevent digital image quality from degrading while doing photo resizing?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to "add resolution" to a low resolution image to get a high quality high resolution image. You might get slightly better results by making sure the bigger size is some multiple (2 or 3 times as big, for example) of the original size, but there is not very much that can be done.

How do you make art low resolution fom high resolution?

The best way to decrease the resolution of digital artwork is to open it with Adobe Photoshop. Then go to the top of the screen and click Image > Image Size > and change the number in the box labeled "resolution." Be sure that "Resample Image" is checked so that it will discard the extra resolution, rather than reallocating it. Then Save As, and you're done.