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I'm not sure if it matters if you have the CD player or the tape player, but you need to go to a store, professional audio place, somewhere like best buy or Walmart (that's where i went), and get a radio removal kit. I know for sure if you have the tape player it should have 2 prongs with little hooks at the end. You stick those prongs in the holes located on the side of the radio. There should be 2 on each side. Then you sqeeze and pull. should slide right out.

Then install some custom stereo system.

**It does not matter if it is tape or CD, and you can also use a coat hanger or a lock picking tool set.

**I usually just cut up a wire coat hanger and make two "U" shaped tools about 3 or 4 inches total length from bottom to top of the "U".. They work fine.

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2011-09-12 22:21:22
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Q: How do you take out Ford radio out in a 2003 Ford Focus?
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No. Speakers work off the "finals" in the radio. If the radio comes on, then the finals are "blown." Or you have loose wires. Take it to a shop where someone knows how to fix it.

How do you take out a ford radio in a 2006 Ford Focus?

You need 4 special keys which you insert above the buttons at the top an blow the buttons on the bottom. The keys must then be pulled at the same time to release the radio.

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Unbolt it from the engine after you take it off the battery. Reverse the procedure with the new one.

How long should it take to change engine on 2003 ford focus?

Depends on your ability. A good mechanic, about 4 hours, if he doesn't diddle.

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Can you take the catalyst out your 2003 ford focus 2lt car?

No. It will NOT run right. You'll need a new converter. It's against the law, anyway!

How do you program ford focus 2003 keyless remote?

You can't. Take it to Precision Tune or the Ford Dealer to get it done. They have codes you cannot know. Who wants car thieves running around with programming codes??!!

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