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use bubble gum.....

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Q: How do you take out a broken piece of a spark plug that is stuck?
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What is a broken spark plug?

a broken spark plug der

Can a vehicle start with a broken spark plug wire?

no it can not start with a broken spark plug wire unless you fix it

Will broken spark plug wires keep a 2003 Malibu from starting?

Broken spark plug wires will keep almost any car from starting.

How do you install a broken spark plug back in a lawn mower?

Why would you want to put a broken spark plug back in your lawnmower? Get a new one!

Is it bad if the ceramic top of a spark plug is broken?

Yes. that plug will need replaced.

How so you remove a stuck spark plug in a generator?

impact wrench

How do you check for spark on a lawnmower?

remove the spark plug. put the spark plug wire on the spark the end of the plug on a piece of metal on the mower. pull the recoil, the string that is used to start the mower while spark plug is on metal. try 2 or 3 times

Remove a rock stuck next to your spark plug?

Buy a cheap ice pick. Using a vise or good pliers, bend it at the end at a 90 degree angle or so to make a hook. It should be strong enough to get the rock out. Otherwise pull the spark plug boot off, break the ceramic plug part, remove all broken fragments of rock and ceramic, then unscrew the rest of the broken plug and install a new plug.

How do you identify a broken spark plug?

take a test light. ground the test light to the battery then take the test light and move it around the suspect spark plug if the plug wire or spark plug are cracked or defect the spark will go to the test light and you will see the spark. if you don't see any spark its not broken.You can also use CheckSpark to quickly evaluate all your plugs and identify bad plugs and wires in seconds.

Car shakes and moves slowly in drive on acceleration?

Could be bad spark plug, spark plug coil, mismatched spark plug wire, or loose/broken motor mounts, or problem with head gasket.

How do you remove the porcelain from the base of the spark plug when it breaks off?

I do not understand why you want to remove the porcelain if it is broken off. Just remove & replace the spark plug which is no longer any good if the porcelain is broken.

How do you know if spark plugs and wires are bad?

Take the spark plug out, push back into it's pocket, set the spark plug on a grounded piece of metal, have someone crank the engine while the spark plug is grounded (but don't hold onto the spark plug, common sense right?) if a spark appears between the little arm the spark plug works, if it doesn't spark, replace with a new plug, and if the new plug doesn't start you have a faulty wire.

Why does the piston hit the spark plug on a 93 Mazda b2600 4x4?

You probably have the wrong spark plug(s) installed. The wrong spark plug may be longer than specifiactions amd is why the piston is hitting it. If you have the correct spark plugs installed, then it is likely that one of the valves is stuck in the open postion. You can determine this with a compression test. You do not want to drive around with the piston hitting either the wrong spark plug or stuck valve - will damage or crack the piston and will be a costly repair. It is probable that the stuck valve (if that's the problem) may be bent.

How do I remove the spark plug wire on 3300 Buick engine?

Pull on it, its just stuck.

What causes no fire to spark plugs?

bad spark plug wires, low battery, broken rotor in the distributor

95 probe has oil in spark plugs?

Oil on the outside of the spark plug is normally a sign of a leaking valve cover gasket. Oil on the spark plug electrode, (plug must be removed to see this oil), is normally a sign of a broken or worn piston ring. A compression test will verify if a ring is worn or broken.

What is the spark plug gap for a 1998 Honda crv?

There is a tag stuck on the underside of the hood and says:Spark plug gap 1 - 1.1 millimeterThis is equivalent to about .04 to .044 inches

Why won't spark plug go all the way in?

Is the old washer still stuck on the block?

How do you remove a broken stuck spark plug boot on a subaru outback?

It helps to have a small light to look down the tube to see what's going on. Then, spray it with silicone spray. Then push/pull a long 1/8" or 3/16" screwdriver all around between the spark plug ceramic and the broken piece. Then do the same between the piece and the tube wall. Then work the screwdriver at an angle, trying to rotate the broken piece under pressure, as you slowly pull the screwdriver out. Repeat. Check with the light. When it's worked out a little, or if you get bored, take a long handle long nose pliers, open it as much as possible on the edge of the rubber piece, push in and grip...then pull. Repeat and check with light until you get it out. I had 3 out of 4 boots break on a 2002 Legacy, and this is how I got them out.

Where are the spark plug located on a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee loredo 4.0?

The spark plugs are under a long black metal piece that is located on the left side of the cylinder head. This also houses the spark plug wires. It is removed by taking out the three or four bolts that are located on the outside of the metal piece. Be careful when pulling out on the metal piece. Be sure to pull straight out or you will crack or break off a spark plug. Also be careful as the main wiring for the spark plug wires comes in at the left end of the metal piece (back next to the firewall) There is a connection plus at the end if you want to take the metal piece all the way off. I believe I just moved the metal piece "a side" and replaced the spark plugs that way.

Socket stuck on the spark plug and i can't get it out and its still in the engine?

Try reversing the drive on your ratchet handle and turning the socket in the opposite direction you were turning it when you got it stuck on the spark plug. Be sure to use a six point spark plug socket. It's much harder to ruin a hex with a six point socket. After you get the socket loose, I'd recommend removing and discarding this plug and getting a new one.

Ford Ranger 4.0 Truck Misfires at low rpm?

I have had this happen 3 times and all three times it was eighter a loose spark plug or a broken spark plug.

Removing a broken spark plug?

new tool made just for broken plugs lisle makes it not sure who elese does

How do you remove broken spark plugs in a Ford 5.4 trident motor?

Put the original broken spark plugs back in the truck. Call ford, get a price for a spark plug change should be around $220.00. Then tow it in or let it chug in to the mechanic bay at ford. Tell them you don't know what is wrong with your truck and p.s. deny you know what a spark plug is too and you never touched your truck. That is how you get out of that nightmare I had and pass the buck to the people that built the bad design so you don't get stuck killing yourself from their mistake.

What tools would one use to get a spark plug that is broken off on the engine?

It depends on where the plug is broken off.If just the ceramic part is broken you can just attach the socket to the lug and remove it normally.If the nut is broken and the rest is lodged in the hole you would use an ez-out.It threads into the remaining piece counterclockwise and when it bites into the remaining piece,it will thread it out of the block.Alot of auto parts stores have tools they will lend you to do this or you can buy an ez-out big enough to handle the job.