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How do you take out a factory radio in a 2005 Honda civic dx?

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2010-10-11 17:55:08

( this works for all factory 7th gen Civic's) first you have to

remove the cigarett lighter housing (you just pry and pull) then

remove the three screws holding the entire Assembly in then you pry

and pull there are clips and to avoid damaging the soft upholstery

use a large pry tool ( proper tools are a god send and they're all

of ten bucks) then you remove the electronic clips by depressing

the lock button then pulling the clips out then you have the entire

head unit to take inside or work where you please. next pull the

climate control nobs off (the just fall off practically with a tug)

then you remove the entire climate control sestem through the back

by removing some screws then pulling then remove the four screws

holding the stereo in and slide it out the back of the assembly

then the install is the same process just reversed ( the clips

sound like their breaking when you pull them off but your honestly

not. their breaking when they make a dull thud or "non-breaking

noise") and you can have your battery connected when you do this,

just keep the key out of the ignition and you'll be fine (yellow

wires are the srs (airbag) system so be very careful of those but

you shouldn't come in contact with them as they are below the

stereo system) hope this helps:) Lonwel 2002 civic turbo @6psi

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