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How do you take the heater out of a 1995 Lincoln Town Car?


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2015-07-16 18:20:10
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Going through the same problem on a 1990 Town car.... The biggest problem is that its a very tight fit and the book I have has information for a certified technician it seems!! Your best bet is to get a manual, try to avoid the Chilton manual which is what I have and it's not very easy to follw. Haynes is usually really good and shows lots of illistrations. Try to go from the cheapest problem and work up. ( Lower pressure sensor, new thermostat, etc. ) I found alot of tips and trial by error on line. Good luck


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the a/c has to be evacuated,evaporater case has to be removed to gain access to a few bolts.then you remove the dash from the car,to gain access to the heater plenum.this is probably a job for your local for lincoln/mercury dealership.

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take out the dashboard 2 get 2 the heater core after that easy or pay about 600 to a 1000 dollars 2 fix it

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Here is a great write up on how to take the radio out

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You can't get a locked ignition out of a 1992 Lincoln Town Car. Turn the ignition on to take it out

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