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if you look at the belt you'll see that it goes around a pully with a big bolt in the middle of it. that's the tensioner,keeps the belt tight, should have a locking bolt to the side of it . lossen the set bolt,find a socket that fits the big bolt and turn it like your removing the bolt. Its spring loaded so it may be kinda hard but it lossens the belt to get it off. Just be sure to RETIGHTEN the set bolt once you get the new belt on or your gonna hate yourself.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 22:22:55
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Q: How do you take the timing belt pulley off of a 1995 Dodge Neon?
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Is there a Chain in a 1995 dodge neon?

No, timing belt.

Timing marks 1992 dodge neon sport?

Dodge didn't make a Neon until 1995.

Change timing belt on a 1995 dodge neon?

if you are wanting change intervals than its every 60,000 miles and you should check and replace the hydraulic tensioner and pulley

How do you time a 1995 dodge neon 2.0 sohc?

The timing is controlled by the PCM, there is no adjustable setting.

How do you remove the timing belt on a 1995 Dodge Neon?

BIG JOB Get a manual on your car if you want to try it.

When do you replace the timing belt on a Dodge Neon?

Recommended interval on 1995-1999 Neons is 60,000 miles.

What year of dodge neon have compatible parts with a 1999 dodge neon?

The dodge neon 1995 parts are compatible with dodge neon 1999

Will a 2003 dodge neon transmission fit a 1995 dodge neon?


How do I know if I have a mechanical or hydraulic timing belt tensioner on 2000 dodge neon?

The only way to know which style tensioner you have is to remove the crank pulley and timing cover and look.

What type of coolant do you need for your 1995 dodge neon?

A 1995 Dodge Neon uses green antifreeze.

How do you tell if your engine is a non-interferance in a 1995 dodge neon sport engine?

On a Neon engine if the timing belt breaks the valves can bend.

2005 dodge neon timing chain located?

A 2005 Neon has a timing belt not a chain.

Where is the water pump located on a 1995 Plymoth Neon?

The water pump is under the timing belt cover. The front most pulley the timing belt runs on is the water pump pulley. The water pump is located under the timing belt cover. The front most pulley the timing belt runs on is the water pump.

Will your 1995 Dodge Neon start if the crankshaft sensor is bad?

No, the computer needs that sensor to know crank timing.

When do you need to change the timing belt on a 2002 dodge neon?

The timing belt on a Dodge Neon should be replaced every 100,000 miles.

Timing marks on a single cam neon?

how to set the timing marks on a single cam dodge neon

Where is the Crankshaft pulley on a 2001 dodge neon?

The crankshaft pulley is the large pulley on the lower passenger side of the engine.

How do you replace the slave cylinder on a 1995 dodge neon clutch?

How do you replace a slave cylinder on a 1995 dodge neon clutch

What oil viscosity neon 1995?

What oil viscosity is correct for dodge neon 1995

How hard is it to replace the drive belt on a 1995 Dodge Neon?

not enough info in question; there are 3different belts on the 95 - 99 dodge neon. Timing, Alternator, and the Power Steering is combined with the Air Conditioner Compressor

Can the seats in a 2000 or newer dodge neon fit in a 1995 dodge neon?

Not without modification.

Will 2000 dodge neon engine fit in 1995 dodge neon?

(possibley) but most likey NO

How do you change the timing on a 1996 Dodge Neon?

The timing is computer controled and not adjustable

How do you fix the timing in a 1995 single cam 2.0 dodge neon?

AnswerThe timing is controled by the sensors and the computer, it can't be adjusted.You can if the timing belt is stretched! Replace your timing belt and the hydraulic tensioner and it should repair the bad timing.

How Adjust clutch pedal 1995 neon?

how to adjust a 95 dodge neon clutch? how to adjust a 95 dodge neon clutch?